Best Poker Software for 2024 (Free Tools Included)

Best Poker Software

This is the most comprehensive guide to the best poker software ever written.

I get asked about the best poker software or best poker tools to use these days more than any other question. 

And believe me, I get it. It is a bit of a jungle out there!

So here are the best poker software tools you need to be using:

1. PokerTracker 4

2. BlackRain79 Elite Poker University

3. Daniel Negreanu MasterClass

4. Phil Ivey MasterClass

5. PokerSnowie

6. Poker Copilot

7. PokerStrategy Equilab

8. SnapShove

9. The Poker Timer

10. ShareMyPair

11. Poker Income Bankroll Tracker


As a 10+ year professional poker player these are the poker software tools that I have personally used to create some of the highest winnings ever recorded at the micro stakes online.

This is also the poker software that I rely on on a daily basis to stay on top of the games and make sure that I continue to crush the games.

Not all of them are free, as you would expect since some of these poker software tools are highly advanced and require a team of developers.

But I will also include all of the best free poker software tools in this article as well.

And I am also going to explain below exactly what benefits you will get from using each of these poker software tools.

If you are a serious poker player looking to improve your winnings, I wrote this guide for you.

1. PokerTracker 4

This is the #1 poker tracking program and HUD available today in my opinion. By the way, if you don't know what a poker HUD is, read this article of mine first where I explain it all.

A good poker tracking program and HUD is absolutely essential poker software for serious poker players these days.

I have used PokerTracker for close to 10 years now and it is has helped me win tens of thousands more dollars at the poker tables.

The HUD (heads up display), which you can use on most of the popular online poker sites, allows you to always have detailed information available on your opponents.

Best poker software pokertracker

That is PokerTracker in action on my poker table. As you can see I have detailed information on all of my opponents!

These numbers on my screen are basically like my "reads" especially when I am multi-tabling because it can difficult to keep track of everyone.

These HUD stats tell me what percentage of hands somebody plays, how often they raise, bet the flop and so on. This allows me to know which players to bluff, who to raise and so on.

All of this data by the way comes from the hands that you have already played against these players. PokerTracker just puts it all together for you.

Inside PokerTracker You Can Also:
  • Track your own poker results
  • Study your poker hands
  • Study all of your opponents
  • Find out what your leaks are and fix them

As I have mentioned before, many people think that the HUD (stats on your screen) is the only reason to use PokerTracker. But this is actually only the tip of the iceberg.

As a professional poker player I have spent countless hours over the years studying my hands in PokerTracker and running filters to find my leaks.

I show you exactly how to do all that by the way in massive PokerTracker review article.

I have also spent countless hours studying the top players in my games, learning not only how to beat them, but also what they might be doing better than me.

PokerTracker allows you to systematically study the best players in your games and dissect their strategy from the inside out.

You can then copy their strategies and incorporate them into your own game. There is no shame in this by the way. In fact you absolutely should be learning from better players.

Study the biggest winning players in your games and simply copy what they are doing. They are winning big for a reason!

PokerTracker allows you to do all this and more.

Bottom line, if you are serious about online poker, then the absolute best poker software that you must have is a good HUD program like PokerTracker.

It is simple to get started. Here is a video I made that shows you how to get PokerTracker up and running on your poker table in less than 5 minutes.

You can download the 30 day free trial of PokerTracker (Windows or Mac) right here.

Free Download of My Custom PokerTracker HUD

Would you like to actually just use the custom poker HUD that I personally created and have used as a poker pro for 10+ years now?

Well, for a limited time, I am providing a free download below of the custom HUD that I use as a poker pro to who get PokerTracker through my link right here.

Thousands of people have already downloaded my free PokerTracker HUD now to start crushing the competition in low stakes games.

Because these are the exact HUD stats that I rely on on a daily basis to beat small stakes poker games as a professional poker player.

I actually made a video as well which explains each poker HUD stat I use in detail:

Never miss my new poker videos, join 100,000+ who are already subscribed.

And more importantly, why I use each of these HUD stats in order to get extremely specific reads on each of my opponents.

You can download my custom PokerTracker HUD below. I have hosted both of my custom PokerTracker HUDs on my personal Google Drive account.

They are PokerTracker HUD files by the way (i.e. they won't work with any other program).

Also, please be aware that in order to import my custom PokerTracker HUD I believe you need to be using the full version of the program (not the trial version).

Although I am not positive about this, somebody let me know in the comments!

1) You can download the free Lite version of my custom Pokertracker 4 HUD right here.
(recommended for NL2, NL4 and NL5 or $1-$10 tournaments).

2) You can download the free Full version of my custom Pokertracker 4 HUD right here.
(recommended for NL10 and higher or $10+ tournaments).

*Once again, you must have PokerTracker installed in order to use my free poker HUD profiles!

After you download my custom PokerTracker HUD, inside PokerTracker 4 just go HUD > Edit HUD Profiles > Options > Import Profile.

After you have imported my custom HUD you will be able to immediately start using it right away on your poker tables.

On your online poker table, click the small PokerTracker icon (should be middle/center of your poker table by default) and then just choose my custom HUD.

That's it, you're all set!

By the way if you play poker tournaments you can still use my custom HUDs, but you will need to make a few changes as I created them primarily for cash games.

You can download PokerTracker (for either Windows or Mac), right here.

2. BlackRain79 Elite Poker University

My brand new BlackRain79 Elite Poker University is finally released.

I have been promising an advanced poker training program for many years and now here it finally is!

It includes 17 hours of advanced poker video lessons, hundreds of step by step example hands and "cheat sheets."

Since this new course is so massive, I decided to make a complete walkthrough video showing you exactly what is included.

My new BlackRain79 Elite Poker University is about giving you the practical proven strategies to start crushing your poker games, right now.

Covering cash games, tournaments, Zoom, 6max, live poker, online poker and more, this is the most comprehensive advanced poker training program available today.

No stone is left unturned as I show you how to maximize your winnings in all situations, versus all 5 major players types.

This includes...

1) Loose
2) Aggressive
3) Crazy
4) Tight
5) Fishy

If you struggle versus any of these player types, I show you exactly how to play optimally versus each one.

In my new BlackRain79 Elite Poker University advanced training I give you the specific strategies that you need to know to crush each of these common players that you will face in your poker games.

For example here's what you'll learn...

  • What to do when you have AK, the flop comes 865, and an aggressive player raises you
  • How much to bet, raise and re-raise Preflop and on the Flop, Turn and River
  • How to play Suited Connectors like 98 when you totally miss the flop
  • When to bluff on the Turn versus a passive opponent
  • How to read aggressive players and make big profitable calls versus them on the River
  • How to over-bet shove All-In on the river as a bluff versus tight regular opponents
  • How to play your KK optimally when the flop comes A74♠
  • Downloadable "cheat sheets" showing you exactly what hands to play in all situations
And so much more.

I also included two massive bonus video sections at the end specifically for Zoom poker strategy and Tournament poker strategy.

Best poker software

You will learn the top strategies that today's Zoom and Tournament pros are using to continue to get ahead and stay on top.

This includes how to dominate the Bubble and Final Table in tournaments and how to play optimally as a 10bb, 30bb or 50bb stack size in the mid and later stages.

And my top bluffing strategies to crush today's Zoom poker games online, including 3-bet and 4-bet bluffs specifically tailored for Zoom.

There is no better way to quickly improve your poker game today.

If you take poker very seriously, and you want to start achieving world class results in this game, then my new BlackRain79 Elite Poker University was made for you.

Learn EXACTLY how to start crushing small and mid stakes poker games, play semi-pro or even full time pro. Use my proven elite poker strategies to start winning fast.

Get $100 OFF Use Code: Elite100

3. Daniel Negreanu MasterClass

Are you a poker tournament player?

What if I told you that there is a new MasterClass poker course taught by none other than Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu?

Negreanu's poker accomplishments kind of speak for themselves. #1 poker tournament winnings of all-time (very recently knocked down to #2) with a staggering 40 million dollars in earnings.

Best poker software daniel negreanu masterclass

The MasterClass by Daniel Negreanu is comprised of 33 video lessons. Daniel teaches you the secrets of how to:
  • Pick up tells and read their poker hand 
  • How to make bets and bluffs that confuse good players 
  • How to win poker tournaments

And much more.

If you are a live poker player in particular then I think this poker course will be especially helpful as that is Daniel's true bread and butter.

Here is my complete video review of the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass:

Bottom line, if you want to learn poker from the best of the best there is arguably no better poker learning tool available today to improve your game.

To enroll in the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass today, click here.

4. Phil Ivey MasterClass

The next poker software tool that I recommend is the brand new Phil Ivey MasterClass.

And the reason why is very simple. Phil Ivey has made more money than anyone in the history of the game of poker.

He has $38 million dollars in live tournament winnings. But even more astonishingly, he is the #1 online poker player of all time with another $20 million dollars in winnings at the online tables.

Best poker software phil ivey masterclass

Furthermore, because Phil Ivey is actually best known for playing in ultra high stakes private (untracked) cash games, many people believe his real lifetime earnings far, far exceed this.

Put quite simply, Phil Ivey is the best poker player to ever play the game in my opinion. The numbers simply do not lie.

So that is why when I heard he was putting out a new MasterClass, I was immediately all over it. Never before has Phil Ivey revealed his poker secrets until now.

In the Phil Ivey MasterClass you will learn:
  • What hands Phil Ivey plays preflop and when he raises and bluffs
  • How to read their poker hand both at the online tables and in a live poker game
  • How Phil Ivey uses psychological bet sizing and table talk to put people on tilt
  • How to play ultra deep stacked poker and pull off the massive bluff on the river
  • Phil Ivey's tips for handling bad beats like a pro and remaining composed
  • Phil Ivey's top pro secrets for crushing tournaments as well as cash games

Quite simply, the Phil Ivey MasterClass is the opportunity to learn from one of the game's all-time greats. For the first time ever we get a chance to get inside the mind of Ivey.

10 WSOP bracelets, more publicly documented winnings (online and live) than anyone in history, already inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.

You are learning from the very best of the best. That is why I specifically recommend this MasterClass to all you aspiring poker pros out there.

Learn from Phil Ivey on the go from your smart phone or tablet by downloading all of the lessons and watching them at your own pace (available for both Android and iOS).

Best poker software phil ivey masterclass download

Bottom line: If you are a struggling low or mid stakes poker player and you want to learn from the very best, this is the #1 poker course that I would recommend.

To enroll in the Phil Ivey MasterClass today, click here.

5. PokerSnowie

PokerSnowie is a powerful AI poker training software program designed to help you improve your game and ultimately increase your profits at the poker table.

Available for both cash games and tournaments, the main purpose of PokerSnowie is to teach you how to become un-exploitable in any situation.

Best poker software pokersnowie

What that means in plain English is that PokerSnowie shows you how to make the most mathematically correct decision in every situation.

Here is my full PokerSnowie review by the way.

It balances your ranges in all possible scenarios with the goal of making you an impossible to read poker player.

PokerSnowie, with it's GTO (game theory optimal) approach, has really changed the way that the game of poker is thought about and played especially once you get to the higher stakes.

Go ahead and challenge it to see for yourself!

Best poker software pokersnowie mobile

If you are a seasoned poker player looking to take your game to a world class level, then PokerSnowie is essential poker software to have.

You can download the free trial of PokerSnowie (desktop or mobile) right here.

6. Poker Copilot

Poker Copilot is another poker HUD option that works on nearly all of the major online poker sites. The main draw of Poker Copilot is it's slimmed down approach and simplicity.

There aren't many bells or whistles. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. You can have Poker Copilot HUD up and running at the poker tables in a matter of minutes.

Best poker software poker copilot

Poker Copilot has all of the essential HUD stats that you need to get the right reads on your opponents.

You can read my full review and walkthrough of Poker Copilot by the way right here.

The bottom line is that Poker Copilot is a reasonable alternative to PokerTracker for those looking for a slimmed down easy to use poker HUD.

While it does not include as many stats and ways to improve your play (hence why I still recommend PokerTracker above it), Poker Copilot is still a good option for beginners in particular.

You can go download the 30 day free trial of Poker Copilot right here.

7. PokerStrategy Equilab

Let's talk about poker equity tools next. An equity tool allows you to input a poker hand versus a range and determine exactly what kind of equity you have (your odds to win the pot).

This is an invaluable poker tool to have for any serious student of the game. I have personally spent endless hours running scenarios in these programs over the years.

This is why I often already know what the right play is when I am playing poker. I don't need to stop and think about it or start doing some complicated math like most people.

Now there are many different options out there for poker equity tools but one of the best for sure is PokerStrategy's Equilab.

And best of all? It is completely free.

Best poker software pokerstrategy equilab

In PokerStrategy Equilab you can do detailed hand equity analysis before the flop, after the flop and in any situation imaginable.

Equilab also includes a "Scenario Analyser" which calculates your equity on various board runouts (turn and river cards).

Now it should be mentioned that PokerTracker (my #1 recommended poker software tool above) already has a poker equity program built right into the software itself!

However, for the best all around poker equity tool today (and 100% free as well), you can't go wrong with PokerStrategy's Equilab.

You can download PokerStrategy Equilab right here.

8. SnapShove

Are you a sit and go player? Do you have trouble remembering all of your push/fold ranges especially when the blinds start going up and you are on the short stack?

If so then SnapShove is an excellent free poker software app that helps you study and perfect those ranges.

Best poker software snapshove

SnapShove makes use of Nash equilibrium ranges to help make sure you are making the right decisions at all stages of a sit and go or tournament final table.

Once again this is a free poker software tool but the free version has a limited number of searches per day. There is a pro version which allows you unlimited searches and more features.
  • You can download the free version of SnapShove for Android right here.
  • You can download the free version of SnapShove for iOS right here.

9. The Poker Timer

Do you like to play poker home games with your friends?

The Poker Timer is the perfect tool to run your own sit and go or tournament right from the comfort of your own home.

This poker software tool helps you keep track of the blind levels, the antes (if any), the amount of time left in each level and so on in your poker tournament.

Best poker software the poker timer

You can configure the blind and ante levels to whatever you want. There is even a built in tournament host who welcomes you to the poker tournament and guides you through the levels!

The premium version also allows you to create and save your own tournaments, calculate rebuys, addons and payouts.

You can use the Poker Timer for free (no download required) on their website right here.

Or if you want to use the Poker Timer offline then you can download it (both free and paid versions) right here.

10. ShareMyPair

ShareMyPair is an innovative way to to share your poker hands with friends. It shares your poker hands in a nice visual replayer that is easy on the eyes.

This is also a great way to share your poker hands on social media or on forums. This free little app has been made famous by Phil Hellmuth posting all his bad beat stories on it from Twitter.

Best poker software sharemypair
You know there's going to be a speech after this hand!

ShareMyPair makes it easy to share your live poker hands in particular. You get to choose the stacks sizes, the hands, the player types, the cards and so on.

Overall, I highly recommend it especially if you want to share your poker hands with friends or on social media. Also, it's free. Can't beat that!

Update: I am sad to hear that it looks like ShareMyPair has been discontinued. Hopefully somebody will resurrect this excellent piece of poker software.

11. Poker Income Bankroll Tracker

What if you play live poker and you want an easy way to track your winnings? Well the best poker software that I have found for this is Poker Income Bankroll Tracker.

Available for both iOS and Android, this app let's you track literally everything. No more pen and paper ever again!

Best poker software poker income bankroll tracker

You can keep track of your daily, monthly and yearly poker winnings and separate them for cash games, tournaments, omaha, texas hold'em and so on.

You can also calculate your poker hourly rate and average session length. Heck, you can even use this app to track how much you are tipping!

If you are a serious live poker player then Poker Bankroll Income Tracker is an essential poker app to have on your mobile phone.
  • Download Poker Income Bankroll Tracker for Android right here.
  • Download Poker Income Bankroll Tracker for iOS right here.


Last but not least, are you a Sit and Go player? Sadly, there isn't a lot of good poker software out there these days, specifically for sit and gos.

ICMIZER 3 though is the one exception that I have found.

Whether you are a total newbie with ICM (independent chip model) or an experienced pro, this is the software that is going to help you make those quick adjustments and calculations at every single stage of an sng.

Understanding how to use ICM poker strategy in your decision making is extremely important especially once you reach the final table. ICMIZER 3 will help you with that.

Don't leave your decisions in an sng to chance anymore. Download a good ICM poker tool like ICMIZER to help you make better plays.

What is the Best Poker Software for Mac?

People often ask me what is the best poker software for Mac these days. And this is easy for me to answer because I personally use a Macbook Air.

I used to use a Windows machine but now I travel a lot and I have found that this Mac is the perfect portable laptop for poker, writing this blog and so on.

best poker software for zoom
Me playing online poker on my Macbook Air

The best poker software for Mac is definitely PokerTracker. It runs smoothly on my Mac and allows me to quickly load up the HUD if I want to play online poker.

This helps me quickly load up the poker tables and get reads automatically on all my opponents. Since I often prefer to multi-table, this is an invaluable tool for me to have.

As mentioned, I also use PokerTracker a lot in my spare time to find my leaks, fix them, and also study my opponents in depth.

There is no other poker tracking program on the market that comes close in my opinion to the options that PokerTracker gives you.

Heck, most other poker tracking programs are not even compatible with a Mac!

So for me, this one is an absolute no brainer. The best poker software for Mac is without a doubt PokerTracker.

This is also the #1 online poker software tool that I recommend if you are just getting started.

Do You Need to Use Poker Software Tools to Win at Poker?

A common question that people ask me is do you need to use poker software tools to win at poker these days.

The answer to that question is no.

You absolutely can create great results at the poker tables these days without using any of the poker software tools on this list.

However, the reason why most poker pros like myself use many of the poker software tools on this list (both the free and paid ones), is because they will help you win more.

A good poker HUD like PokerTracker is easily the best investment you can make in your poker game because of the ability to study your own hands and plug your leaks.

If you don't know what you are doing wrong, then how can you improve?

PokerTracker allows you to run filters and find out your profitability (or lack thereof), in any situation imaginable.

Are you having trouble playing AK from the blinds in a 3-bet pot? Plug that exact situation into the software, study your hands, and find out what is going wrong.

And what's more, study how the best players in your games play their AK in the blinds in a 3-bet pot. What are they doing differently than you? Are they playing it a better way, using a different strategy?

If so, copy their strategy! They are the biggest winners in your games for a reason. And there is absolutely no shame in copying their strategy.

PokerTracker allows you to do all this and more.

And as for the other tools on this list, something like my new Elite Poker University training (Get $100 OFF Use Code: Elite100), is simply going to teach you all of the most cutting edge strategies to beat the games these days.

Sure, you could figure them all out yourself in PokerTracker but that takes a lot of time and effort. Why not learn from the best players in the world already?

The same goes for the Daniel Negreanu and the Phil Ivey Masterclasses.

Lastly, many of the other free tools on this list such as the PokerStrategy Equilab equity tool, Snapshove and ShareMyPair are just highly useful overall to get quick answers for common situations.

You can go it alone and choose to use no poker software. I did it myself for many, many years, and I still won.

But if you take poker seriously then I think you owe it to yourself to invest in some of these premium poker software tools or get some of the free ones at least.

What is the Best Free Poker Software for PokerStars?

People often also ask me what is the best poker software to use on PokerStars.

I am well known for having played millions and millions of hands on this site in particular with some of the highest winnings in micro stakes history on PokerStars.

best free poker software for pokerstars zoom

Heck, I have even written three books on small stakes games on PokerStars (and other sites). So I have a lot to say about what is the best software to use.

And for this, my answer is always the same.

Use a good HUD like PokerTracker to start. This is in fact the only piece of software I would recommend getting for now if you play on PokerStars.

And your best bet is to just start by using the PokerTracker free trial version.

As I discussed above, PokerTracker is my #1 most recommended software tool for online poker because of the ability to track your opponents while using the HUD.

And this is extremely important on a site like PokerStars because this is the #1 online poker site in the world and there are thousands of different players online at any given moment.

Therefore, it is going to be nearly impossible for you to keep track of all these players and remember their tendencies and your reads on them.

So by using the PokerTracker HUD when you play on PokerStars, it will put information on your PokerStars table for every opponent.

For example:
  • What percentage of hands do they play preflop?
  • What percentage of hands do they raise with preflop?
  • How often do they make a continuation bet on the flop?
  • How often do they raise on the turn?
And on and on. I am sure you get the idea.

Having all of this information placed directly on my PokerStars table when using the PokerTracker HUD has helped me to win so much more money on PokerStars over the years.

This is something I discuss in my new video: 9 Easy Ways to Tell if They Are Bluffing You

Never miss my new poker videos, join 100,000+ who are already subscribed.

As this hand shows, having all of this data on your opponents on your screen when you play on PokerStars will help you immensely.

And it doesn't matter if you play Zoom on PokerStars, tournaments, sit n gos or cash games. The PokerTracker HUD works for them all.

There is actually a separate Omaha PokerTracker HUD if you play Pot Limit Omaha as well.

Perhaps the best part of all is that you can setup your PokerTracker HUD on PokerStars in literally a matter of minutes.

And as mentioned above, the PokerTracker HUD is compatible on both Windows and Mac based computers and laptops.

So if you play on PokerStars, PokerTracker is the #1 software I would recommend. You can have the HUD up in running on your PokerStars tables in a matter of minutes.

You can get the free trial of the PokerTracker HUD right here.

Best Poker Software - Final Thoughts

So there you have my list of the best poker software for serious poker players. Using the right poker tools can often give you that little edge you need to get ahead.

And enrolling in a world class elite poker university or studying an advanced poker strategy book is also one of the best ways to stay on top in today's games and continue to crush the other good regulars.

It should be noted however that none of the poker software tools listed in this article is a substitute for a solid fundamental poker strategy.

In fact, there is no poker software tool on earth that can fix a bad overall strategy and a poor understanding of the game.

This is why I wrote a free poker sheet cheat which gives you the fundamental poker strategies that I use to consistently make $1000+ per month in small stakes games.


Let me know what poker software you use in the comments below.

Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that if you choose to use that poker software tool, I may earn a small commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you.

The reason why I recommend the poker software in this article though is because it has helped me personally earn more as a poker pro. Please do not spend any money on poker software unless you are sure it will help you achieve your poker goals.

Best poker software