Best Free Poker HUD for 2024 [Used by Pros]

Best free poker HUD
People often ask me, what is the best free poker HUD these days? A poker HUD by the way is short for "heads up display" which gives you absolutely vital information on your poker opponents.

For example, what percentage of hands they play, how often they call on the flop, how much they go to showdown and much, much more.

This allows you to understand the player type you are up against, put them on a range of hands, figure out when to bet, raise and fold against them and let's you know if you can bluff them or not.

All of this information is extremely useful especially when you are multi-tabling online poker or if you play Zoom. It allows you to keep track of dozens of opponents all at the same time and get precise reads.

As a 10+ year professional poker player I believe using a good HUD is essential to your success in online poker. 

And the HUD that I use is also the #1 HUD used by other pros as well.

By the way, if you want to know how to I use my HUD to generate thousands of dollars per month in online poker, grab a copy of my free poker cheat sheet.

In this article I am going to reveal the best free poker HUD for 2024.

Best Free Poker HUD for 2024

Now let me start by saying that the idea of a totally free poker HUD is just silly. 

These are highly sophisticated programs that take years of development and an entire software team in place to create.

They also require constant software updates and patches as online poker sites frequently change their software. 

And lastly, they require a dedicated customer service and tech support team in place in order to help you with any tech issues that you may have.

Nobody is going to spend millions of dollars on software development and then give it away for free.

So if you want to find a poker HUD that is actually going to help you succeed in online poker in 2024, then there is no way that it is going to be completely free!

With that disclaimer out of the way... 

The best poker HUD for 2024 is PokerTracker. 

And it really isn't even close. This is also the poker HUD that I have personally relied on for over a decade now as an online poker pro.

Many people do not realize that PokerTracker actually does have a 30 day free trial version allowing you to test out the powerful capabilities of this poker tracking software and HUD.

There is a reason why PokerTracker is still by far the #1 poker HUD choice for poker pros in 2024. Here is a look at my screen while I use the PokerTracker HUD on PokerStars.

best free poker hud pokerstars

You can see how it gives me detailed information on each one of my opponents. All of these numbers refer to stuff like how many hands they play, how often they bet the flop and so on.

PokerTracker also has the most HUD stats and filters for plugging your leaks of any poker tracking program available on the market today.

Lastly, PokerTracker is the only free poker HUD out there that is available for both Mac and Windows based computers.

You can download the free trial of PokerTracker right here.

Best Free Poker HUD - What Can PokerTracker Do For You?

As a poker pro I use PokerTracker 4 every single day both at the poker tables and away from them. Regarding the HUD, I pretty much always have this on when playing online poker.

My poker HUD allows me to always have information available on my opponents right on my poker table, such as:
  • Percentage of hands that they play
  • Percentage of hands that they raise with
  • Percentage of the time they raise the flop
  • Percentage of the time they go to showdown

And so much more. This information is absolutely invaluable in helping me form my game-plan and strategy against them at the poker tables.

For example, Player A goes to showdown too much, I don't want to bluff him. But Player B rarely goes to showdown, I want to bluff him!

And the best thing about the free PokerTracker HUD is you can set up the entire thing in less than 5 minutes. 

I even made a video showing you how.

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Bottom line, if you take online poker seriously then you should at least try using the free PokerTracker HUD and see if it helps you. For me, as a poker pro, I do not play without it.

You can download the free trial of the PokerTracker HUD right here.

What Else Can This Free Poker HUD Do?

The other thing that many people fail to realize about PokerTracker is that the best feature of it is the ability to find your own leaks at the poker table and then plug them.

For me personally, as a poker pro, this has saved me tens of thousands of dollars over the years. I also use PokerTracker to study my opponents away from the tables in order to create the best strategies to beat them.

Now how do I do all this?

Well, this is where the back-end filters inside PokerTracker help you. In order to use them just open up the Cash Filters box (or Tournament Filters box if you play tournaments), as shown below.

best free poker hud mac

After that choose Actions and Opportunities and go ahead and filter for any scenario possible. For example, maybe playing Ace King in the blinds is giving you trouble?

Just filter for all hands where you played Ace King from the blinds and you will be able to see your wins and losses and replay all the hands as well.

This allows you to find out why you might be losing in this situation. You can also use the PokerTracker LeakFinder to assist you in this.

I conjunction with PokerTracker I also recommend that you start learning some advanced poker strategy so that you understand how to beat good players.

You need to know the advanced math, game theory and exploitative strategy to consistently win especially as you move up the stakes.

The #1 Poker HUD Used By Pros

Another one of my favorite things to do is study my opponents in order to create the strategies to beat them. You can just load up the My Reports tab in PokerTracker and then study their hands and run filters as well.

I often improve my own game by simply studying the best players in my games and just copying their strategies!

Look, there is absolutely no shame in this. Clearly, what they are doing is working because they are winning big. Just learn the poker strategies they are using incorporate it into your own game.

PokerTracker allows you to do all this and more. This is why it is my #1 recommended free poker HUD and tracking software for online poker games.

Lastly, the ability to keep track of all your results and even graph them as well is another great feature of PokerTracker.

best free poker hud america's card room

And the PokerTracker 4 graph also allows you to see your red line (non-showdown winnings) as well. This is crucial in letting you know if you are bluffing too much or too little.

Once again, there is a reason why PokerTracker is consistently voted as the #1 HUD by online poker pros. This is the best poker tracking software available today.

You can download the free trial of the PokerTracker 4 HUD right here.

By the way, I should mention that while PokerTracker is my #1 recommended poker software tool (available for both Windows and Mac at the link above), it is not the only piece of poker software that I use.

For the full list of all the poker software tools that I use as an online poker pro, click here.

How Do You Read HUD Stats in Poker?

People often ask me what are the best poker HUD stats to use these days as well. And more importantly, how do you read your HUD stats and use them at the poker table.

So I recently decided to make a full video showing you exactly which HUD stats I use.

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And more importantly, why I use each of these 12 HUD stats and how I use them to get extremely specific reads against my opponents at the online poker tables.

These are the top 12 best poker HUD stats used by a majority of online poker pros these days. 

And these are also the HUD stats that I have personally used on my PokerTracker HUD for nearly a decade now as an online professional poker player.

Once again, if you want to start using these HUD stats for yourself, get the free trial of PokerTracker right here.

Is Using a Poker HUD Cheating?

Let me answer another common question that I get about poker HUDs. Is using a HUD cheating?

The short answer is no. And the reason why is because all a HUD does is take data from hands that you have already played against your opponents, and display it for you.

This is why most online poker sites allow the use of HUDs.

A poker HUD can really just be thought of as a natural extension of what you already should be doing at the poker table anyways, taking mental notes.

You could sit there with a paper and pencil and take notes on your opponents the old fashioned way. Or you could just let a HUD do the same thing for you.

This is why HUDs are not considered cheating and are widely used and approved on nearly all of the major online poker sites.

Can You Use a HUD on PokerStars?

Lastly, can you use a HUD on PokerStars, which is the most popular online poker site in the world?

The answer is yes. You can use a poker HUD in PokerStars games whether you play tournaments, cash games, sit and gos or Zoom.

In fact, if you play on PokerStars, I highly recommend using the poker HUD that I use.

PokerTracker works in all games on PokerStars and if you play on this site, this is my #1 recommended piece of software.

Most serious online poker players on PokerStars also use a HUD these days, but if you play at the lower stakes, HUD usage is still relatively low, as little as 20% or so.

The bottom line is that yes, you can use a HUD on PokerStars, and most other major online poker sites for that matter.

Final Thoughts

If you take online poker seriously then it is necessary that you use a tracking program and HUD in my opinion. 

There are many poker HUDs with a free trial available these days but by far the best one (and the choice of most poker pros) is PokerTracker.

If you play Zoom poker in particular (or if you multi-table), PokerTracker is by far the best HUD out there because it allows you to easily keep track of all your opponents.

I have personally been using the PokerTracker 4 HUD for nearly 10 years now as a pro since it was first released.

And the reason why is because PokerTracker 4 has the best HUD available for online poker with the most statistics that is also the easiest to setup on your poker tables.

PokerTracker also has the best back-end database and filters of any poker tracking program that I have ever seen.

This allows you to not only study your own game, find your leaks and plug them, but also to study all of your opponents in PokerTracker as well.

One of my favorite things to do is study the biggest winners in my own poker games and simply copy some of the strategies that they are using!

Bottom line, if you take online poker seriously, then you owe it to yourself to get a good poker HUD.

To download the free trial version of the PokerTracker HUD right now, click here.


Let me know in the comments below what free poker HUD you use at the poker tables.

And if you want to know the poker strategies that I use as a pro, then make sure you also pick up a copy of my free poker cheat sheet.

Please note that the links in this article are affiliate links. This means that at no cost to you I may earn a small commission if you choose to purchase the full version of PokerTracker.

best free poker hud


  1. I have been using PokerTracker for many years as a semi pro online player. I agree, it's the best HUD out there and the best for studying your game and fixing your leaks as well.

    1. Hey TJ I agree. Most people are only interested in the HUD. I use PokerTracker away from the tables to study my hands, study my opponents and fix my leaks.

  2. Where can you use it other than Stars ?
    Party has recently stopped releasing HH hand histories

    1. Hey Kashclicks,

      You can use PokerTracker on most of the major online poker sites including 888 and PokerStars as you mentioned which is by far the biggest site in the world.

      Also, even on sites that ban the use of a HUD, as long as they issue hand histories, you can still use PokerTracker to study and improve your game which is the most important reason why I use PokerTracker.

  3. Hi Nathan

    Just switched to PT4 Micro, looks good. I'm about 4,000 hands in. Question re lines - green is obvious. But should red & blue roughly track each other over a big sample?

    Following your recent hand chart re micros - ultra tight, I'm already seeing the lines go up a bit. Nice.


    1. Glad it is helping Paulos!

      Blue and red line depends on your play style. It's different for everyone. I personally pay no attention to my blue line.

      Red line, I try to keep it breakeven at the micros, but slightly losing is ok too. In fact some of the biggest winners have a losing red line, cuz these stakes are full of calling stations.

      At the end of the day though the green line (your overall winnings) is the only one that really matters. Definitely want to make sure that one is positive :)