PokerTracker 4 Review - The Pro's Guide [2019]

PokerTracker 4 Review
As an online poker pro people ask me all the time what poker tracking software and HUD (heads up display) I use.

And as I have stated before, I have been using PokerTracker 4 for a little over 7 years now, essentially since it was first released.

But I have never done a full PokerTracker 4 review before in order to explain exactly why it is that I and so many other pros use this program.

Also, I have never before revealed the secret strategies that I use on the PokerTracker backend (database) to not only find my own leaks and fix them, but to discover the strategies used by the best players.

Don't know why you aren't winning at online poker?

Well, you can essentially use PokerTracker to copy the strategies of the top players in your games (who are already winning big), and just use them for yourself.

This is kind of a game-changer :)

So in this article I am going to give you my complete PokerTracker 4 review and walkthrough for serious poker players looking to get that extra edge when playing online poker.

PokerTracker 4 Review 2019 - What is a Poker Tracking Program and HUD?

Before I even begin though it is important that I explain exactly what a poker tracking program and HUD is. Many newcomers to poker in particular are confused as to what PokerTracker actually does.

Basically here's the deal:

When you play a hand of online poker most online poker sites will generate something called a "hand history." This is a small .txt file that contains every piece of important information about that hand:
  • Date and time the hand was played
  • Name of the online poker table
  • Name and stack size of each player who was dealt into the poker hand
  • Who bet, raised and folded at each stage of the hand
  • What the flop, turn and river was
  • Who the winner of the hand was

So essentially a hand history file is a complete snapshot of absolutely everything that occurred in a single hand of online poker.

Now on most online poker sites there is also an option to simply download the hand history files while you play poker right to your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Now here's where PokerTracker comes in...

Within PokerTracker you can choose to simply start importing these hand history files directly into the program.

This is how you do it:

PokerTracker 4 Review

PokerTracker then takes the information from these hand history files and processes it into tons of useful data such us:
  • What percentage of hands does a specific player play?
  • What percentage of hands does that player raise with?
  • What percentage of the time does that player bluff/raise on the flop?
  • What percentage of hands do YOU play?
  • What percentage of hands do YOU raise with?
  • What percentage of the time do YOU bluff/raise on the flop?

And when you run the "HUD" it then puts this information on your screen right beside all of your opponents whether you are playing a cash game or a tournament.

There are literally thousands of different stats to choose from and you can pick and choose which ones you want to see.

This information, or "reads" as you could call it, is absolutely crucial at the poker table because it allows me to know what type of player I am up against and therefore make better poker decisions.

For Example:

You have: AK on the button in a 6-max Zoom game

A player raises from early position

What should you do?

Well, if PokerTracker tells me that it is a tight player who only plays 15% of his hands, and only raises with 10% of his hands, then I will just call.

This is because he probably has a strong hand. He is a very tight player. So I would rather just call and see a flop.

However, if PokerTracker tells me that it is a loose and aggressive player who is playing 50% of his hands and raises with 40% of his hands, then I will react very differently.

I will definitely be re-raising versus this player because I am way, way ahead of his range. Do you see how important it is to have this information when making decisions at the poker table?

This is why PokerTracker has helped me win tens of thousands of dollars more at the poker tables over the years. This is also why I rely on PokerTracker as a professional poker player.

If you want to get information like this on your opponents next time you play online poker, you can download the free trial of PokerTracker right here.

PokerTracker HUD Review - What is It? How Will it Help You?

Now as mentioned, the PokerTracker 4 HUD actually put this information directly on your online poker table right beside each of your opponents (with statistics updating in real-time).

So here for example is my custom PokerTracker 4 HUD in action while I play online poker:

PokerTracker 4 Review

By the way for a complete breakdown of exactly what Poker HUD stats I use, and how you can download the custom HUD that I created and use as a poker pro for free, click here.

The ability to have all this information directly relayed onto your screen while you play online poker is absolutely crucial if you are a serious poker player.

This is especially important if you play at the lower stakes like I do.

And the reason why is because these stakes (blinds of 1cent/2cent, 2cent/5cent, 5cent/10cent etc.) are well known for having thousands of players on some of the popular poker sites.

In fact, if you play Zoom poker on PokerStars it is very normal to have 500+ people in the player pool especially during prime-time hours.

There is just absolutely no way on earth that you are going to keep track of all of these players especially if you multi-table.

Most major online poker sites allow you to use a HUD these days. So for me personally, this is just a no-brainer to have my PokerTracker HUD running even if I only glance at it occasionally.

How to Setup Your PokerTracker HUD

Luckily it is also very easy to setup your PokerTracker 4 HUD and have it up and running at your poker table very quickly.

I actually created an entire video showing you step by step how to setup your PokerTracker HUD in and have it running in less than 5 minutes.

The bottom line is that the PokerTracker HUD takes all the guesswork out of online poker for you. Now you will always know what type of player you are up against and be able to make the right decisions.

This is why I rely on the PokerTracker 4 HUD day in and day out as a professional poker player. Because it gives me the crucial "reads" that I need to know on each player even if I am playing on many different tables at once.

You can download the PokerTracker 4 HUD and try it for yourself for free right here. 

The PokerTracker Database is Where Poker Pros Get Ahead

Alright here's the thing though.

What most people do not understand is that the HUD is actually only about 10% of why I and many other poker pros use a program like PokerTracker 4.

And this is because the real value of a poker software program like PokerTracker 4 is the database. This is the vast amount of information that you have collected on yourself and others.

This data is something that you use to study and improve when you are offline and not playing poker. If you want to know how poker pros continue to win and get ahead, this is exactly how!

So when I am not playing poker, I am often studying my PokerTracker database to find the strategies to beat my opponents:

Because once you build up a big enough sample of hands (100k+), you literally have all the information you need in order to find the best strategies to crush the games that you play in. 

So for example I find out what my opponents are doing wrong by studying their hands and then creating the best strategies to beat them.

But I also, (and this is crucial), study what they are doing better than me and then often incorporate that into my own game.

As I always say, who better is there to learn from than the actual people who are crushing the games that you play in? In PokerTracker you can study their game and see exactly how they are doing it.

I will explain how to do this step by step below. 

Lastly, and perhaps most crucially of all, I study my own hands (mostly the medium to large sized pots where I lose), in order to find out the mistakes that I am making and fix my leaks.

If you want to know why the poker pros always seem to keep winning it is because they are hard at work like me finding the strategies to beat you in their PokerTracker Database.

How to Use Your PokerTracker Database to Create Winning Poker Strategies

So how do you actually use your PokerTracker database to create winning poker strategies and beat your opponents?

Well it's actually very simple.

When I am studying my poker game inside PokerTracker I use a method I like to call "chunking." What I mean by this is that I take a very specific scenario and I will spend an entire afternoon ONLY studying this one situation.

For Example:

Say I am having trouble with pots where I double barrelled and I have nothing. This means I raised preflop, bet the flop, bet the turn and have nothing on the river.

Example Hand:

You raise preflop with AK

The flop comes: T53

You bet and your opponent calls.

The turn comes: 4

You bet and your opponent calls.

The river comes: Q

What should you do now???

This is a problem spot for a lot of people.
  • Should you keep bluffing?
  • Should you check and fold?
  • Should you check and call?

Well, this is where the PokerTracker hand filters come in (available for both cash games and tournaments).

In order to use them all you need to do is click on "More Filters"

PokerTracker 4 Review

And after that the Cash Filters box will come up (or tournament filters if you play tournaments).

From there go ahead and click on "Actions and Opportunities."

PokerTracker 4 Review

Within this filter box you can pull up hands for any scenario you want like the one I just mentioned above, double barrel hands where you have nothing on the river.

So for instance, I will filter for hands where: 
  • I continued bluffing on the river
  • I checked and gave up
  • I checked and called

And the great thing is that PokerTracker will actually tell you exactly how much you are winning or losing depending on which action you took.

So therefore, assuming I have a large enough sample size, I can immediately find out what is the most profitable course of action in these situations.

This kind of research away from the poker tables is how I and many other top poker pros are creating the best strategies to crush the poker games in 2019.

It really isn't that difficult to do this kind of poker study when you start doing it regularly. And the beautiful thing is that the cold hard data never lies.

How to Use PokerTracker to Copy the Strategies of the Best Players 

Alright, let's get to the other really "secret" way that top pros are using their PokerTracker 4 database to stay on top and continue crushing the games.

And this is, studying the best players in your games inside your PokerTracker database. From there you can simply "steal" their best strategies and use them for yourself.

There is absolutely no shame in this. In fact it just smart.

And I have never heard anyone ever even mention this strategy before and it still blows my mind because I have been using it with success for years and years.

Look, with your PokerTracker database (again, assuming you have built up a decent enough sample size), you literally have the keys to the vault sitting right there in front of you.

What better poker strategy could there possibly be than the ones actually used by the players who are crushing the games that you play in?

Makes sense right?

So once again, how do you actually do this in PokerTracker?

Again, it is super easy. All you need to do is go to the "My Reports" tab, search for their name and then study their poker hands in depth like I described above.

If you don't actually know who the best players in your games are you can filter the results by winrate or bb/100.

PokerTracker 4 Review

After this you choose New Report and then select All Players Report.

How to use PokerTracker to study

This will now give you a complete listing of every single poker player in your PokerTracker 4 database.

Now you can simply click the bb/100 or My C Won column to sort them by the biggest winners (or the biggest losers, but we aren't likely to learn anything good from them!)

For the next step, I will then pick one biggest winning players and switch over to the Statistics Tab. From there you can enter their player name and see a complete listing of all their hands.

Then you can use the hand filters (like I outlined above) to search for very specific scenarios such as how do they play Ace King when they miss the flop.

Then you can drill down even deep with the hand filters to show only hands where:
  • They missed the flop with Ace King and made a continuation bet
  • They missed the flop with Ace King and check/called a bet
  • They missed the flop with Ace King and check/folded to a bet
  • They missed the flop with Ace King and check/raised versus a bet

I will then check how profitable (or unprofitable they are) in each of these scenarios. And then I will study some individual hands that they played in the replayer in these very specific scenarios.

PokerTracker 4 Review my reports

Through this sort of research I am usually able to determine why it is that they are playing their Ace King when they miss the flop (for example) better than me.

And then I can incorporate those strategies into my own game.

Pretty simple stuff right?

Again, I can't possibly over-state the value of this. These are the players who are already crushing the games that you play in.

Just study them and copy their strategies!

There is no absolutely no shame in it believe me. It's just smart. They are clearly doing a lot of things right.

Study their hands in PokerTracker and find out exactly why they are winning so much.

Final Thoughts

So I hope that this PokerTracker 4 review gave you a better understanding of why the majority of online poker pros like myself these days rely on this tracking program.

The PokerTracker HUD allows you to get those crucial "reads" on your opponents that you need when you are playing online poker.

This is especially important if you multi-table or play Zoom poker. There are just too many players to keep track of.

With the PokerTracker 4 HUD you always have a massive amount of statistical information displayed directly on your poker table to tell you exactly what type of player you are up against.

The PokerTracker database though is really the most important and game changing part of the program for me and many other poker pros.

This is where we study our hands and run filters in order to find our leaks and fix them. This is where I also study my opponents in order to find the best ways to beat them and also to find out what strategies they are using that my be better than my own.

The bottom line is that if you are serious about online poker in 2019, then I would highly recommend that you use a tracking program like PokerTracker 4.

You can download the free trial of PokerTracker 4 right now by clicking here.


Let me know what you think of PokerTracker 4 in the comments below. Do you use this program? Did it help you at the online poker tables?

Please note that the links above are affiliate links. This means that at no cost to you, if you choose to purchase the full version of PokerTracker 4, I may earn a small commission.

PokerTracker 4 Review


  1. I have been using PokerTracker for years, I agree it's definitely the best HUD out there. Do you have any suggestions for what HUD stats to use at NL25 and higher?

    1. Hey TJ,

      I still use my own custom PokerTracker HUD for these games. I shared all the stats in my big poker HUD setup article.

      Optimal PokerTracker HUD Setup for Today's Games

  2. How do you find info on top players? Under 'My reports' the only players available are me on various sites I play on, or you have to actually name a player?

    1. Hey Dave,

      Oops, I missed that step in the article. I am going to add it now.

      Basically what you do is go to My Reports > New Report and then choose All Players Report.

      This will give you a listing of all players in your PokerTracker database. You can then filter by bb/100 or My C Won or whatever you use to find the biggest winners.

      After this I go to the Statistics tab and enter their name. This gives me a listing of all their hands and then I can also run filters from there.

      I hope this helps. I am going to edit the article also to make this more clear.

    2. Good stuff, although the best players seem to be Player 6 and Player 3.. Is that down to hands played on Party Poker..?