BlackRain79 Elite Poker University: Enrollment Now Open!

BlackRain79 Elite Poker University

I have been promising the release of a comprehensive advanced video based poker training program to supplement my books for over 5 years now.

So I am very happy to finally today be announcing the release of BlackRain79 Elite Poker University.

This advanced poker training program includes nearly 17 hours of videos, where I show you step by step the exact proven poker strategies that I have used throughout my 10+ year career as a professional poker player.

I made this video based poker training course with one core idea in mind:

Giving struggling small and mid stakes poker players the tools they need to start dramatically improving their results at the poker tables, right now.

And that is why, much like my poker books, my Elite Poker University gives you the step by step strategy that you need to know to crush your opponents in every poker situation imaginable.

My Elite Poker University training includes:
  • 50+ advanced poker training videos
  • Over 200 in-depth example hands, beginner to advanced cutting edge strategies
  • Dozens and dozens of downloadable guides, charts, "cheat sheets" etc.
  • Ultimate guide to preflop calling, 3-betting and 4-betting ranges 
  • Comprehensive Zoom poker strategy workshop (includes Zoom ebook)
  • Comprehensive Tournament poker strategy workshop (3 part series)
  • Optimal preflop, flop, turn and river strategies in every situation imaginable
  • How to quickly analyze board textures, ranges and hand read like the pros
  • How much to bet and how much to raise in all situations

By the way, I just published a video on YouTube giving you a complete walkthrough of my new BlackRain79 Elite Poker University, if you prefer to watch instead.

And we're just getting started. There is so much more covered...
  • Multiple massive deep dive videos on 3-bet pot strategy and dynamics
  • Advanced floating, double floating, triple barrel bluff, river check/raises
  • How to make optimal exploitative adjustments vs all 5 major player types
  • How to crush aggressive wild maniacs (use their main weakness against them)
  • How to ruthlessly bluff the tight/passive Nits both preflop and postflop
  • How to confuse and exploit good tight and aggressive regulars
  • The 15 HUD stats online pros use (Download my custom HUD for free)
  • Ultimate guides to going "semi-pro" and "pro"
  • How to fix your TILT problem once and for all (strategies I use as a pro)
  • Optimal bankroll management and elite game selection strategy
  • Nearly 17 hours of world class poker training included

And so much more.

In short, my Elite Poker University training is about teaching you the strategies you need to know to start achieving real and consistent results at the poker tables, whether you play cash, tournaments, zoom, live or online.

And everything you will learn is based off of the proven strategies that I have used myself throughout my entire 10+ year career as a professional poker players.

Right now you can take advantage of some massive savings that I am offering for new students

$100 OFF enrollment in BlackRain79 Elite Poker University

Just use the code: ELITE100

Who is BlackRain79 Elite Poker University For?

I wanted to make this poker training program accessible for all skill levels, whether you are brand new to the game of poker or you are a seasoned grinder.

I also cover every single format in this course from:
  • Cash games
  • Tournaments
  • Zoom
  • Sngs
  • 6max
  • Full ring
Whether you play live or online, small stakes, mid stakes or high stakes.

So this is why I explain everything to you from the most basic fundamentals of beating small stakes games like what hands to play in every seat at the poker table (includes downloadable "cheat sheet" charts)

BlackRain79 Elite Poker University

I also discuss how much you should bet or raise in every situation, the basics of value betting, bluffing strategy and using your position at the poker table to your advantage.

By the way, I just wrote a comprehensive BlackRain79 Elite Poker University Walkthrough if you want an even deeper dive into all the material covered in my new training program.

Optimal Strategies for Dozens of Common Difficult Spots

I also cover dozens of common difficult situations that many people tell me they have the most problems with.

For example:

1) How to play your AK♣ when the flop comes 8♣74, and an aggressive player raises you.

2) How to play Suited Connectors like 9♣8♣ for maximum value versus fishy players when you completely miss the flop.

3) How to play your KK when the flop comes A♠53♠, and an aggressive player raises you.

If you have trouble in any of these common difficult spots, there are dozens of step by step example hands where I walk you through exactly what to do vs every single player type.

Advanced Poker Strategy Lessons for Serious Poker Players

I also go into many more advanced concepts and strategies such as elite hand reading ability, precise range analysis and understanding how to read flop, turn and river board textures on a much deeper level.

Because I wanted to include as much cutting edge material as possible for serious poker players, who have already had some success, but want to take their game to an elite world class level.

So you will learn dozens of highly advanced strategies intended to crush good players in today's higher stakes games such as:
  • Preflop 3-bet and 4-bet bluffing strategy
  • My custom Dynamic Preflop Raising system
  • The fundamentals of a solid flop floating strategy
  • Advanced Turn "Double floating" strategy vs tight and aggressive players (TAGs)
  • Mechanics of turn double barreling (using equity and scare cards)
  • Triple barrel bluffing strategy versus Regs
  • Turn semi-bluff check/raising versus loose and aggressive players (LAGs)
  • Basic and advanced River bluffing strategy
  • River thin value advanced bet sizing analysis versus TAGs, LAGs 
  • River overbet jam ALL-INs on "action cards" versus rec players
  • Advanced 3-bet pot strategy with overpairs and draws as both the PFR and PFC
  • Understanding 3-bet pot bet sizing dynamics on the Turn and River

And so much more.

No stone is left unturned in my Elite Poker University training course.

The bulk of the course covers every situation imaginable on the flop, turn and river whether you are the preflop raiser (PFR) or the preflop caller (PFC).

Or you are in position (IP) or out of position (OOP).

And don't worry, every bit of poker "jargon" like this is explained in detail for beginners.

For example, do you have trouble as the PFC, IP, with a hand like King Jack vs a TAG (tight and aggressive) player type who double barrels you on the turn?

BlackRain79 Elite Poker University

Yes, there is a specific video for that with multiple examples showing you how to "double float" them on the right board textures.

You don't need to guess anymore about what to do in difficult situations like this versus good players, and in dozens of other similar spots.

Special attention is also given to 3-bet pots as they often require a very different strategy from single raised pots.

In short, every single situation that you could ever find yourself in at the poker table is covered in this course.

There are over 200 in-depth poker hand examples where I walk you step by step through the optimal play in every situation, versus every player type.

BlackRain79 Elite Poker University Teaches You How to Crush All 5 Major Player Types

Speaking of player types, understanding how to make the correct strategy adjustments versus all 5 major player types is a real core fundamental of everything you will learn.

I cover the strengths and weaknesses of all 5 major player types (Nit, TAG, LAG, Whale, Maniac) in depth, and then I walk you through how to crush each one in all situations you will find yourself in.

Don't know what to do versus a LAG (loose and aggressive) player who seems to always be bluffing too much? 

There are multiple videos covering exactly what to do in this situation in this course, such as check/raise semi-bluffing the turn and complex multi-street light calldowns.

I have discussed these higher level strategies on a surface level for many years here on my poker blog and in some of my YouTube videos.

But now for the first time in my new video course, I am able to walk you through how to execute these complex strategies step by step, with dozens of example hands to help illustrate it all for you.

This also includes many extremely high level strategies that I have never discussed before such as how to check/raise the river versus Loose and Aggressive regulars (LAGs).

BlackRain79 Elite Poker University

How about those wild and unpredictable recreational players? 

Don't know how to play against those wild recreational Maniacs who play all sorts of trash and chase every draw against you?

There are multiple videos that I made showing you how to crush this player type and all the others in every situation possible in this course.

I also reveal all of my most profitable strategies to crush the Nits in today's poker games in particular.

These are the tight and relatively passive player types that you will encounter very frequently in small and mid stakes games these days.

I show you exactly how to bluff these players out of the pot with re-raises and floats and check/raises at every single stage of the hand, what cards to do it on and why.

Creating world class profits for yourself at the poker tables is all about learning how to tailor your strategy to each specific player type in real-time.

And this is something that I focus on heavily in BlackRain79 Elite Poker University.

BlackRain79 Elite Poker University Bonus Content (Zoom and Tournaments)

Another real strength of my new Elite Poker University training is the bonus material.

I decided to go ahead and create separate Zoom and Tournament strategy workshops to give you the specific skills that you need to crush those formats.

I believe that online poker training in general is almost non-existent for Zoom poker games, which is totally baffling to me, since they are so popular.

So I have a multi-video bonus Zoom workshop walking you step by step through the proven strategies I have used to crush Zoom poker games over my pro career.

BlackRain79 Elite Poker University Zoom

This includes my never revealed before "secrets" to relentlessly bluffing many of the weak/tight players you will frequently encounter in today's Zoom poker games.

I show you the exact hands to re-raise them with and when to bluff them on the flop, turn and river.

I also go deep into the psychology of Zoom poker games and how to get not only the strategic edge, but the mental edge as well.

Secondly, I have tournament players covered from all angles in this course.

The bonus tournament strategy workshop teaches you the exact strategies that I use at every single step of the way, 

This includes:
  • How to play LAG and build a big stack in the Early Stages (first few blind levels)
  • How to extend your lead during the Middle Stages
  • How to lean on tight fearful medium stacks during the Bubble (includes exact preflop shoving ranges)
  • How to dominate the Final Table and secure first place

This might be the most comprehensive set of tournament poker strategy lessons ever released online and this is only a piece of bonus content in this course.

I also go deep into the psychology of tournament success, how to handle the downswings and how to build a big stack and dominate, when you finally hit a run of good cards.

If you take poker tournaments or zoom seriously, I have you covered from start to finish in both of these formats in my Elite Poker University.

No more spinning your tires in Zoom "breaking even" and no more getting 178th place, 26th place or 4th place in tournaments, my entire strategy revolves around winning the tournament at all costs.

BlackRain79 Elite Poker University Tournaments

My tournament poker philosophy is very simple, 1st place or bust. 

Burn the boats.

And that is why everything that you will learn in the tournament poker strategy bonus workshop in the Early stages, Middle stages, Bubble and Final Table is about playing ultra Loose and Aggressive, building a big stack, and dominating the entire tournament.

Elite poker players do not play for a "min cash" in tournaments or mediocre results in Zoom. 

They simply do not think this way.

And so everything that you learn in this course for cash games, zoom, tournaments, sngs, live, online, 6max and full ring revolves around getting you world class results.

Right now you can take advantage of some massive savings during my new student promotion.

$100 OFF enrollment in BlackRain79 Elite Poker University

Enter code: ELITE100

More Bonus Content - Ultimate Guide to Semi-Professional Poker and Professional Poker

I know that a lot of you guys who follow my blog, my videos or have read my books, take the game of poker very seriously.

And many of you have goals and dreams of playing poker semi-professionally or even as a full-time professional one day.

So, as someone who has been down that road and played poker semi-professionally for one year and then as a full time professional for over 10 years now, I wanted to cover this in depth.

Because I think there is a serious lack of good resources online explaining what it is really like to play this game either as a significant chunk of your income, or all of it.

So I go deep into:
  • The day to day lifestyle and schedule of semi-pros and pros
  • How to handle the variance
  • How poker pros think about the game differently than amateurs
  • What bankroll you need as a semi-pro and as a pro
  • The real truth about what it's like to go pro
  • Dealing with family, haters and naysayers when you decide to go semi-pro or pro
  • Moving or traveling overseas, streaming, building your brand and more
  • The "business" of poker, social media, getting sponsorships, affiliate deals etc.

As somebody who has "been there, done that" I give you the real straight truth in these series of videos about what it is really like if you plan to take this game beyond a hobby.

This is something that I haven't found anywhere else online, discussing the business and the mental side of poker if you have plans to play semi-pro or pro one day.

My 10+ years experience as a poker pro allows me to give you the real straight truth about how to make it in this game over the long.

BlackRain79 Elite Poker University is For Serious Poker Players Who Want Real Results

At the end of the day, I made this massive poker training program for serious poker players who are tired of getting somewhere "around breakeven" results.

This is about giving you the skills, knowledge and strategies to start crushing your poker games and start confidently moving up the stakes.

Because let's face it, poker is a lot more fun when you learn how to win consistently.

And there is no reason why you need to keep spinning your tires for years and years on end in this game.

You should be getting the real results that you deserve at the poker table and I look forward to showing you how in my new poker training course.

Once again, I have just opened up enrollment for my new BlackRain79 Elite Poker University.

You can enroll right now by clicking here.

Enter code ELITE100 to instantly get $100 OFF.

I look forward to seeing you guys on the inside and helping you get the real results in this game that you deserve, starting today.

A Final Thank You

Lastly, I want to thank all of my long-time supporters here on my poker blog, on my YouTube poker channel and elsewhere, who have supported me and my poker content so much over the years.

Thank you so much, I truly could not have done this without you!

And I want to especially thank a few of you (you know who you are) who sent me relentless emails over the years to finally get this thing done.

I am sorry it took so long (5 years of promises lol), but I hope the finished product is worth it for you.

I truly put my heart and soul into creating this new Elite Poker University training course, and I hope you enjoy it.

And of course above all, my sincere hope is that these poker video lessons help you achieve much more success at the poker tables.

Can't wait to see you guys, on the inside.

Thanks again and all the best at the poker tables,

- Nathan "BlackRain79" Williams