PokerSnowie Review by a Poker Pro [2024]

PokerSnowie Review
People often ask me if they should use a poker AI program like PokerSnowie in order to improve their game.

Well, as a 10+ year poker pro I can tell you that I haven't bothered with many poker AI programs over the years. I tend to think they are not advanced enough and probably won't help me.

However, I will say that after testing out PokerSnowie my opinion has changed a little bit about poker AI programs.

After playing around with PokerSnowie a lot in the past couple weeks I do actually believe now that this poker tool may be helpful if you are struggling at low or mid stakes player in particular.

Here is my complete PokerSnowie review.

PokerSnowie Review - What is PokerSnowie?

Before I get into if PokerSnowie may help you or not, what games it is best suited for and so on, I need to answer an important question first.

What the heck is PokerSnowie?

If you haven't heard of this poker AI program before then you may have been living in a cave or at least not keeping up with the latest poker software and tools that pros are using these days.

Quite simply PokerSnowie is a powerful piece of poker training software with the goal of showing you how to play un-exploitable poker in every situation.

PokerSnowie Review

Some people also refer to this as GTO or game theory optimal poker.

So PokerSnowie relies on mathematical formulas to provide you with the most +EV (positive expected value) outcome in nearly any situation possible at the poker table.

This reliance on mathematical models of "solving" the game of No Limit Hold'em has changed the way that mid and high stakes games online in particular are played in recent years.

Instead of relying on exploitative HUD based approaches, more players are using a program like PokerSnowie to create strategies that are mathematically balanced and un-exploitable.

PokerSnowie Review - Who is PokerSnowie For?

So who is PokerSnowie for then? Is it right for you?

Well, in most cases I don't think you need to worry about using poker AI software like this especially if you are brand new to the game of poker.

You should just focus on learning the fundamentals of a TAG (tight and aggressive) strategy instead.

However, I think that once you have played for poker for awhile, if you want to start taking your game to the next level, and really learn how to beat the good players, then you may want to have a look at a poker AI program like PokerSnowie.

One of the best parts about PokerSnowie is that you can actually just download it right to your smart phone or desktop (Android or iOS) and challenge it for yourself!

PokerSnowie Review

I would recommend that you simply start with the free trial version of PokerSnowie first, get a feel for the software, and see for yourself if it will help your poker game.

For me personally, after playing around with PokerSnowie for awhile now, it has definitely helped me re-think some key situations against good poker players.

Final Thoughts

So should you use a poker AI software program like PokerSnowie to improve your poker game? Is it really going to help you?

Well, if you are literally brand new to the game of poker, then I would say no. You should simply be focused on learning the fundamentals and don't worry about any advanced poker theory for now.

However, for those of you who have been around the poker tables for awhile and perhaps had some success, I think PokerSnowie could help you make better mathematically sound decisions versus good poker players.

And that really is the key. PokerSnowie is all about using complex mathematical formulas in order to get an edge over other competent thinking opponents.

It is about learning how to play un-exploitable GTO correct poker in every situation so that no matter what decision they make, they cannot win against you.

If you are a struggling low or mid stakes poker player trying to move up and take your game to the next level, then I would recommend checking out PokerSnowie.

To download the free trial of PokerSnowie today, click here.


By the way, I should mention that as an online poker pro PokerSnowie is just one of the poker software tools that I use to study my opponents and improve my game.

For the complete list of all the poker software tools I use, click here.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of PokerSnowie. Did it help improve your poker game?

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PokerSnowie Review


  1. I have been using Snowie for 7-8 month now, and I do find it usefull. I mainly use it to review some of my big hands to see, if the program think, I made any mistakes. And sometimes it does come up with lines, I would not have thought of, but which I can see makes sense.

    It also gives a kind of objective answer to the commonly asked question "was this a good call"? If Snowie say "no", then it probably was a bad call considering, that most players at the lower stakes are underbluffing if anything.

    Its not the final answer to everything though. The fact, the program learns from playing against itself, leed to a conundrum, when players take lines, Snowie would not take with any part of its range. Like open limping from other than the SB seat. Because how can Snowie then know, what their range is? This lead to clearly bad advice like playing very tight against limpers.

    And this is the whole limitation of the GTO concept. Knowing GTO lines is usefull, because it give you a baseline, you can follow, when you have no reason to deviate from it. But when you play against bad players especially, you should use exploitative strategies, and a program like Snowie can never teach you that.

    So I will also say, that I am using Snowie less and less, and its up for debate, if I will renew my 1 year subscription, when it expire. I purchased the program at a time, where I was struggling with the 10-16NL cash games on PokerStars and especially Zoom, and it did kind of help me to get out of the slump. Just as important however was quitting Zoom and focusing more on table and seat selection as well as tilt control.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Lars! I also use PokerSnowie the most to review key hands at higher stakes against good players.