Why Poker Forums and Reddit Are Killing Your Poker Results

Why Poker Forums and Reddit Are Killing Your Poker Results
Poker can be a lonely pursuit especially if you play online. I have played 10+ million hands of poker online and most of that was done while sitting in a room all by myself.

So it is nice to talk to fellow poker players once in awhile, bounce ideas off each other, and discuss poker hands.

But unfortunately this can also be a double edged sword. Many people will turn to poker forums or poker subreddits for this sense of community.

However, unfortunately these places can often end up doing far more harm for your poker game than good.

So in this article I am going to explain why you should avoid poker forums and subreddits and talk about how poker pros and serious players are networking instead these days.

Bad Poker Advice

Let me just start off with the #1 reason why poker forums and poker subreddits are often bad for your poker game. And that is bad information.

As I have discussed before, at least 70% of people who play poker lose at this game in the long run. Honestly, that is a very generous estimate. It could easily be higher than this.

So this means that most of the people who you are talking to on poker forums and poker subreddits are actually losing poker players.

Now this wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing if there was some sort of vetting process to see who is a winning player and who isn't.

But there isn't. In fact with poker forums and poker subreddits there is no way to even tell who the person is.

Nobody uses their real name and so you have absolutely no idea who you are talking to and whether you should trust their advice or not.

Too Much Noise

The other thing that this anonymous public discussion leads to is a very high amount of noise.

In other words, there are so many different opinions being offered, along with random tangents, derails, trolls and flame wars, that it can be difficult to even follow the discussion at times.

This is why almost all well known poker pros stopped posting or even reading poker forums and subreddits a long time ago. There is just way too much noise, negativity in some cases, and not enough high level poker discussion.

Now there are exceptions to this I want to be clear. But I am mostly talking about the biggest well known poker forums and subreddits in this article.

Time Wasting Off Topic Discussions

The last reason why poker forums and subreddits can be harmful for your poker game is that many of the most popular discussions aren't even about poker strategy!

For instance, on one of the largest poker forums the most popular section (called "NVG") is basically a place where people gossip and spread rumours about other well known poker pros. This is something you would expect out of high school girls, not grown men.

I get it though. Clearly many people like this sort of thing. Look at the success of TMZ for instance. But from a practical perspective, discussions like this are very unlikely to do anything good for your poker game.

You Make Money by Playing Poker, Not Talking About It!

And an even bigger reason why is because poker is a game where you largely only make money when you are playing. Just like with a regular job, when you are not playing, you are not profitable.

I have never heard of any poker forums or poker subreddits who pay people to make hundreds or thousands of posts and waste countless hours of their time.

In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons why you rarely see any well known pros on poker forums or reddit. It's because they are too busy actually playing poker!

You really have to consider the opportunity cost for anything you choose to spend your time on. Because it always takes away from something more important that you could be doing instead.

For instance, while the keyboard warriors are grinding it out on the forums and reddit, the real poker players are at the tables stacking the fish and building their bankroll.

But hey, I get it. Maybe you just really, really, really love to talk about poker. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Ok cool, so why not start your own blog, podcast, Youtube or Twitch channel?

Heck, some of these guys have so written so many poker strategy posts on forums and reddit that they could have written an entire book. They could be published poker authors earning royalties!

Just think about how crazy that is for a second.

Look, the point here is that if you are going to spend enormous amounts of time talking about poker why not at least own the content so that you can build an audience and then monetize and make money from it?

You owe yourself that at the very least!

Ditch Poker Forums/Reddit, Do This Instead

Ok, so now that you know all the main reasons why poker forums and poker subreddits are largely not helpful for your poker game, what should you do instead?

Well, you have probably heard the old saying that iron sharpens iron. And that is because it is true.

So the first thing you are going to have to do is get yourself around some winning poker players or at least some people who are really serious about improving.

Finding people who have a real name or at least a well known online screen name would be a good start.

Like I said before, one of the main problems with poker forums and reddit is that everybody is anonymous. Why should I trust the advice of some guy named "pokergod87" or "bignuts92"?

In my experience poker pros and serious poker players are not going to hide behind some silly made up name like this. They will use their real name instead and can be easily found on all the major social media platforms as well.

Social Media and Private Facebook Poker Groups

So as mentioned, social media is a great place to find other poker pros or serious poker players. In fact I use it all the time.

I am available on all the major platforms:

Plus a bunch more. And I always use either my online poker screen name "BlackRain79" or my real name, Nathan Williams. So I am very easy to find and people know who I am.

Poker players send me dm's and messages all the time on these social media networks and I am often in contact with other well known pros as well.

Many people these days will also set up a private Facebook group to discuss poker hands and talk about strategy with other serious poker players. Slack is also a great resource to use for this.

This completely eliminates all the noise, negativity/trolls and bad advice problems that often happen with large public poker forums and reddit.

Many paid training programs also offer this sort of exclusivity. For instance I have a private poker forum which is only available for purchasers of my books or video course.

The people who post in my private forum are a tight nit group who are serious about improving their poker game. So the discussions about poker hands and poker strategy tend to be highly focused and useful for everyone.

Meet Other Poker Players in Person

Now there is one last option for networking with other good poker players and it is easily the best option in my opinion. Just meet up with them in real life!

I have personally met countless poker pros in real life and it pretty much always started by connecting through social media.

Now admittedly this is a little bit easier for me to do since I live in a place where tons of other online poker pros have also decided to move to.

But still in most of these cases we connected initially through social media, this blog or my Youtube channel.

This is yet another great reason to start a poker blog or a poker Youtube/Twitch channel! You will naturally start to attract more serious poker players just by putting your thoughts out there on a regular basis.

Lastly, attending big events like the World Series of Poker can also be a great way to meet other poker players as they tend to attract all the big names and serious amateurs as well.

Final Thoughts

Poker forums and poker subreddits can seem like a natural place to discuss the game and get advice especially for many newer poker players.

And while there can be some value in them (primarily smaller forums like mine which are private), most of the big public ones will probably end up making you a worse poker player overall.

The reasons why are numerous. Bad poker advice, high amount of noise and too many off-topic time wasting discussions just to name a few.

If you want to network with other serious poker players it is a better idea to seek them out and build online friendships through social media. Starting a poker blog, Youtube or Twitch channel can also be a good way to attract other serious poker players.

Never before have you been able to contact other poker players and even well known pros so easily by simply commenting on their posts or videos or with a simple dm or message. If they are really popular you won't always get a reply of course but you catch my drift.

Lastly, once you build a small circle of serious poker players you can create a private Facebook or Slack group to discuss strategy or even meet up in person.

Let me know your thoughts on networking with other poker players and discussing strategy in the comments below. What works best for you?

poker forums and poker subreddits

3 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Make Money From Poker

Make money from poker
We live in a very cynical world these days. Many people have convinced themselves for instance that poker is now impossible to beat.

Only good players these days they say! Everybody plays solid!

But this defies the simple reality that there are plenty of people out there still making good money playing poker. Just because you aren't making money from poker yet, doesn't mean somebody else isn't.

I live in a place full of online professional poker players here in SE Asia. They are around me every day. I talk to them everyday. And last time I checked you can't pay the rent with poker losses!

But I digress...

There are many ways to make money from poker (even if you aren't very good yet) that don't even require very much effort at all. In fact, some of them are surprisingly simple as well!

Here's 3 of them.

1. There are Poker Games NOT Named No Limit Hold'em

One of the easiest ways to start making money from poker is to make the earth shattering discovery that there are other poker games that people play that are not called Texas No Limit Hold'em.

I know this is a shocking revelation for some people but please hear me out!

What if I told you that right now there are people on the internet playing poker games called Pot Limit Omaha, Stud Hi/Lo, Deuce to Seven Triple Draw and Open-Face Chinese Poker just to name a few?

make money playing poker

And what if I also told you that many of the people playing these games are really, really bad at them as well?

That means that you only need to be a little bit better than them (or a little bit less bad) in order to make money in these poker games!

If No Limit Hold'em is so impossible to beat these days (as the cynics will keep reminding you), then why keep complaining about it and just go play another game that people are bad at instead?

By the way, in reality there are still tons of terrible poker players who play No Limit Hold'em, both online and live, but I will leave that for another article.

2. Play Live Poker

Another shockingly simple way to make money from poker these days is to just go play live. Like you know, that real life thing with real humans in a casino.

Now I know this also might seem like a bit of a stretch to all the angry cynics out there who like to keep bitching about how impossible it is to beat online poker (even though it isn't).

But let's just play along with them for a moment anyways.

So instead of continuing to whine and complain about online poker (which solves nothing), why not just go play live poker which is available all over the world by the way?

For instance, I have played poker against real life humans before in places like Canada, South Korea and the Philippines.

And while I haven't made it over to 'Merica or Europe lately, rumour has it that they also have real life poker games against real life people there too!

But here is the real kicker guys.

Most of the humans playing in these games, especially at low stakes like $1/$2 or $2/$5, actually play shockingly bad. Like some high functioning primates could arguably play their cards better.

In fact some of them are inebriated tourists who barely know the rules of the game. And most of the so called "regs" in these games could very likely not beat NL5 online.

Conclusion: If you understand how to play even the most basic TAG poker strategy, you can probably print money in most low stakes live poker games.

3. Live Somewhere That Isn't So Damn Expensive!

The last surprisingly simple way to make money from poker that I have for you is to simply move somewhere that isn't so stupidly expensive.

Something they forgot to teach us in school is that you don't always have to make more money in life in order to increase your quality of living. You can simply lower your expenses too!

I play in the micro stakes poker games online. And I am either famous or infamous for how much money I have made in these games depending on who you talk to.

But it is still the micro stakes at the end of the day. Even though I play many, many tables, I am still only making money $2, $5, $10 or $25 at a time. Hard to get rich playing in games like this!

I am also from Vancouver, Canada. For those of you who don't know, this is a pretty expensive city to live in, even for a "local" like me.

So luckily around 6 years ago I made a shocking discovery that they have other places on earth where you can enjoy the exact same quality of life for a lot less money. I am talking 1/3 or even 1/4 the cost.

They also have fast internet connections in these places too so I can keep grinding out my micro stakes poker games online and basically 3x or 4x my quality of life, overnight.

So in early 2012 I made the crazy decision to book a one way flight to Bangkok, Thailand.

This is a country where I can rent a fully modern condo with pool, a/c, gym and all the modern comforts right in the city (or near the beach) for as little as $300 or $400 dollars a month.

For example, I rented this 15th floor one bedroom condo with stunning seaviews earlier this year for $480 per month:

The rooftop infinity pool at this condo was utterly sick by the way as well, arguably the best I have ever seen.

This exact same condo would be $2000 a month minimum in Vancouver. And if you live somewhere even more expensive like LA, New York, London, Paris or Sydney, I can only feel your pain!

By the way, there are countless other places around the globe where you can stop paying so much money to simply live as well!

Some of the most popular ones right now are places like Medellin Columbia, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, Budapest Hungary, Lisbon Portugal and Bali Indonesia.

The Nomad List is a great resource to find all the best "bang for your buck" places to live on earth. Many of them, like where I live, also have excellent weather year round. Nice bonus!

Now believe me I get it though, hopping on a flight to a foreign country where you don't know anybody and don't even speak the language isn't for everybody.

However, this is one of the easiest ways possible to make more money from poker because your expenses are suddenly lowered dramatically.

Final Thoughts 

So there you have it! Three shockingly simple ways to make money from poker.

My advice is to stop listening to all the negative cynics out there who believe it is impossible to make money from poker anymore.

The reality is they don't make money from poker because they are:
  • Too lazy to improve their poker skills in a competitive environment
  • Would rather sit around whining and complaining all day than actually do something
  • Have the "if I can't do it, then nobody can" attitude to everything in life

And this is just to name a few.

Look, is poker a walk in the park nowadays? Can you just sit down and print money? No, of course not. You have to work hard to win and stay ahead in most games, even at the lower limits.

And as all my regular readers know, I am one of the very few people in poker who actually tells you this almost every single week on this blog!

However to say that it is impossible to make money from poker anymore is just a ridiculous statement. There are tons of ways to make the easy money in this game like I discussed in this article.

And I didn't even mention stuff like private games, insanely soft apps, staking good players and teaching the game. These are all highly profitable and easy ways to make money from poker as well.

Look guys, we live in the greatest time in human history to control your own destiny and achieve whatever you want in life. In this digital age the opportunities are endless in poker and beyond.

Go out there and get after it!

Let me know in the comments below how you are hustling to make money from poker or in whatever else you have going on.

3 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Make Money From Poker