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BlackRain79 poker tools and resources
I decided to make this resources page to provide a list of all the educational materials and software that have helped me the most over the years. I will be adding to it in the future from time to time so feel free to bookmark it.

Disclosure: Please note that a couple of the links below are affiliate links (most are not). This means that at no additional cost to you I will receive a small commission if you decide to use and purchase that product. I have personally used all of the resources below for years though and that is why I recommend them.

Poker Tracking Programs and HUD

Pokertracker 4: This is the first tracking program and HUD that I started out with many years ago. With their latest release, Pokertracker 4, they still have the best product on the market. An essential tool for any serious online poker player.

With Pokertracker 4 You Can:

  • Track your opponents and their results
  • Put their stats right on your poker table (allows you to get much better reads)
  • Track your own play and results
  • Find out what hands you are winning and losing with

And much, much more.

Using the HUD alone has easily saved me thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars over the years at the poker tables.

Click here to check out the free 30 day trial.

Bonus: Download my free custom Pokertracker 4 HUD setup right here.

Video: I show you how to setup Pokertracker 4 and use it at the poker tables in under 5 minutes.

Multi-Tabling Software

Table ninja 2 review
Table Ninja 2: Table Ninja has long been the preferred multi-tabling software aid for any serious grinder. It helps automate and reduce clicks for many mundane decisions such as opening tables, buying in, preset bet sizing, auto time-bank, hotkeys to customize your play and much more.

In short, it helps you reduce time spent on stuff that doesn't matter at the poker tables and spend more on what does matter, finding and stacking fish! Download the free trial here.

Poker Books

Crushing the Microstakes Nathan BlackRain79 WilliamsCrushing the Microstakes: Written by me! Widely considered now to be the best book ever written on the lowest stakes games. As the author I also have the most winnings in the history of online poker at these stakes. If you play NL2, NL4 or NL5 and you aren't absolutely destroying these limits then I highly suggest that you go check it out. Click here to learn more.

Modern Small Stakes Nathan BlackRain79 WilliamsModern Small Stakes: Also written by me. A massive work that tackles every aspect of modern poker theory at higher limits than it's predecessor. Specific emphasis is placed upon exploiting the regs who will be your main opponents in these games. If you are struggling at NL10, NL25, NL50 or NL100 then Modern Small Stakes is for you. Click here to learn more.

The Micro Stakes Playbook Nathan BlackRain79 WilliamsThe Micro Stakes Playbook [NEW]: My brand new book is the ultimate "playbook" on how to crush all limits at the micros. You will learn the specific strategies (with detailed examples) that allowed my to create some of the highest winnings in online poker history in these games. Click here to learn more.

BlackRain79 theory of pokerThe Theory of Poker:  The first poker book that I ever read. David Sklansky teaches you how to think about the game correctly. That is why, decades after it's release, it is still regarded as one of the best poker books ever written.

    BlackRain79 treat your poker like a business
    Treat Your Poker Like a Business: Authored by perhaps the greatest online grinder of all time, Dusty Schmidt. This book will open your eyes to the level of dedication required to be a professional in the online poker business.

      BlackRain79 ace on the river
      Ace on the River: Authored by the live poker legend Barry Greenstein. This book provides a fascinating look at the poker industry and what it takes to survive in this game over the long haul.

        Poker Training Sites

        DeucesCracked: Home to some of the best coaches in online poker. One of the deepest video libraries of any online training site and all at an affordable monthly rate. The #1 overall poker training site on the internet for several years now in my opinion. Click here for a free 7 day trial. 

        BlackRain79 drag the bar
        DragTheBar: This used to be one of the top training sites on the internet a few years ago. DTB still boasts a very impressive video library full of instruction from world class coaches though. I am an (inactive) coach on this site. You will find over 100 micro stakes videos made by me. Free membership option now available.

        Poker Equity Tools

        BlackRain79 pokerstove
        Pokerstove: This free simple little program allows you to quickly compare common poker situations and find the exact equity [Note: I put this link up myself for you guys because the developer no longer supports this product].

          Poker Sites

          poker rooms
          I have an entire page dedicated to all of the fishiest poker sites that I recommend:

          My Top 5 Recommended Online Poker Sites

          There are many different factors that go into choosing which poker site is right for you though. So I have written another article which is all about that:

          Which Poker Site Should You Play At? 

          Another great source of information when choosing an online poker site is They provide a comprehensive listing of all major online poker rooms including traffic numbers, game type availability and whether or not they accept US based players.

          Poker Forums

          BlackRain79 Forum: Sign up for free and join in the fast growing community. I personally respond to almost every post that gets made. There are private sub-forums for purchasers of my books/videos to post any questions related to the material. They can post and get feedback on their own hand histories as well.

          CardsChat Forum: An excellent forum for beginner and recreational poker players in particular. CC has a friendly welcoming environment unlike some other big poker forums out there. I frequently post there myself.

          PokerVIP Forum: New up and coming forum. Includes several coaches discussing strategy and hand history analysis. Well worth checking out.

          My Free Poker Ebook

          The last resource that I would recommend is my free poker ebook. In "Massive Profit at the Micros" I give you the exact strategies that I used to create some of the highest winnings ever recorded in online poker at the lower stakes.

          You will also receive a free 10 week poker strategy course on a variety of topics such as TAG play, 3Betting, table selection, the mental game and more.

          I hope this collection of poker tools and resources was helpful for you. If there is anything that I missed feel free to leave me a comment below.

          Zoom Poker Strategy


          1. I am using an excellent poker simulation program to learn and refine my skill set for Texas Holdem. It is Poker Genius.

            It has many features and is most impressive. I wanted to bring this to your attention for your consideration in listing this as a resource for others.

            I am in NO WAY connected with this company. I bought their system online several months ago after researching poker training aides.

            Thanks for considering this. Love your blog!!

            1. Hi Chris,

              Thanks for the suggestion. I only recommend stuff that I have used. I have not used this product so I won't be recommending it on this page. It very well may be a good product though.

          2. Do I need a kindle or anything to purchase this?

            1. Which book are you referring to?

            2. thanks for the reply.
              I am after the microstakes at the moment with the hopes of getting the small stakes at a later date. however I do not have a kindles or any reading applications of any sort.

            3. Hey Damian,

              You don't need a Kindle in order to read either of my books. You will also receive the book in pdf and epub formats. This means that you can read it on any computer, notebook, iPad, tablet, smart phone etc.

          3. Are these videos, books and every thing else suitable for sit & go and MTTs or is it only useful for cash games?
            Thanks in advance

            1. Yes, most of what I recommend above is useful for low stakes sngs and mtts too.

          4. No credit card payment option to by the book. How can I get it if i dont use paypal? Does the refund option apply to CTM and videos pack or only if you by the book?

            1. You can buy any of my books with a credit card. Paypal is just the payment processor. Every single one of my products is backed by a refund option.