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This blog gets a fair amount of traffic and comments. I am constantly trying to think of new ways to engage my readers more and provide better content. A good poker friend of mine from France convinced me that a forum is a good idea. I thought he was on drugs at first. How can you put a forum on a blog? Well I just did. Check the forum tab above.

2018 Edit: This is now a private forum which is ONLY available for purchasers of my poker books and poker videos.

Ideally I would like it to be just a small little corner for people to discuss a whole bunch of things poker and non poker related. I think it may interest a few people. Like most forums there is no anonymous posting so you will have to register to participate. You can view without registering.

I mentioned previously that I want to create some bonuses for those who purchase Crushing the Microstakes. So the first of these will be two private sections within the forum for posting hand histories and discussing Crushing the Microstakes that only they will have access to. I will answer every post in those forums.

For access please register and reply to the "Access to the Private Forums" thread.

That is about all I have for now. Oh actually I just put up an ad in my local Craigslist for my coaching I think around a month ago. I don't really use Craigslist much and I just did it to see if I got any responses. I was contacted oddly enough by some local film makers who are shooting a documentary on online poker!

The plot is that they are going to go rent a cabin in Tofino on Vancouver Island (stunningly beautiful place) and try to run up a starting bankroll of $1200 playing SnG's on Stars. They wanted to interview a bunch of local "pros" and they thought I fit the bill.

I said sure why not as I thought their film was a pretty awesome idea. So they filmed me 24 tabling last night and I did a bunch of interview style questions afterwards. If or when it gets released I will be sure to let you all know haha!

Apparently they contacted Brad Booth for the film (he is from this area). But I think I read on NVG that he was playing in the big game in Vegas recently so I guess he was a bit busy! =(


  1. Hi! I tweeted you too about this, but I think that Vanilla is much cooler forum software. Just saying :)

  2. Bleh, ya maybe I should have asked around haha. Was kind of a spur of the moment thing. Nabble seems to be very popular. So I just chose it. I spent a lot of time figuring out the settings so I will just be using it for now ;)

    If I have problems with it I will look into your suggestion.

  3. Yeah I'm kinda a forum freak :D You can check Vanilla here if you can host it yourself and for hosted version. And you can add it to your blog just like nabble ;)

  4. Does that vanilla one have ads? I see a message just now on my nabble board that I have 27 days before ads begin.

  5. hey man i just started following your blog, and before black friday i remember playing with you at the micros which was fun as always. anyways im playing live midstakes now so how about a link swap?

  6. Hi askillz,

    Thanks for following my blog. Yours looks pretty awesome as well, I'm subscribed. I am sorry but I don't do link exchanges.

  7. Going "Hollywood" nice :)

  8. hi, trying to register for the forum after buying your book but never get the activation email, what can i do


    1. Hi,

      All forum signups go directly to my email and I approve them right away. If you still haven't been approved just send me an email.

  9. no not yet got your book last week. lots of study required. hope movie goes real good, you deserve it. if you get back in coach will do, tks for all your help. al (sakana)

  10. Goal for april, increase vpip.pfr, increase ,start to play some multi table. Wish me luck? Lol 2


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