Stackin' Fish

Hey guys,

Hope all is well. I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor. If you bought Crushing the Microstakes and have read the whole thing I would really appreciate if you could leave your thoughts here:

As a first time author only promoting and selling off of my own little blog it is very difficult to get the word out. If you do review my book please be completely honest. If you hated it I'd like you to say as much. The reason is because nobody is going to buy it in the long run if it sucks anyways.

I am of course biased. I know that it's awesome. The reviews have been about 95% glowing so far but most of them are in my email box, PM's on DragTheBar, or on Skype. Nobody sees them but me! So if you guys get a chance I would really appreciate it.

So I made a short video. It isn't exactly meant to be highly instructive. I actually plan on making a number of short, free videos for this blog soon. I think its a pretty cool way to talk about some hands. If you guys could give me some specific spots that you want to see I will filter in HEM, grab a couple hands, stick them in the replayer and record.

This video as I said though is not really meant to be that informative. It's more comedy than anything. It's just a bunch of random big hands that I won at NL2 and NL25 this year (almost all of my hands were at either of these two limits in 2011).

*Note the presence of massive fish or regs on tilt in pretty much every single hand.

As I preach all the time, the best way to improve your winrate, is and always will be, to sit with bad players.

I'll be happy to answer any questions about particular hands. Especially the ones where I cooler the crap out of someone. That's my secret weapon :)

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