Secrets to Success - Eric Thomas

I've been meaning to post this for awhile. I found this motivational speaker (Eric Thomas) around two years ago and have been addicted ever since. His story is amazing and he brings it like no other with a fresh, inspiring new video every single week on his YouTube channel. He now has a book out and his success has skyrocketed as of late.

I appreciate all the work that he has done which has touched me and thousands of others so the least I could do is give him a shout out here on my blog and expose him to some others who may not have heard of him.

This is the video that first launched him.


  1. really great post. thanks a lot for the video, really inspirational

  2. Awesome share bro.

  3. Hope you had a good Canadian Thanksgiving , Nice video very inspiring thanks for posting it Nathan . Chris

  4. Canadians do Thanksgiving a little bit different. A month and a half ago different haha. Hope you Americans had a great one though :)

  5. i didn't know that you listen Eric Thomas' speeches he is my favorite motivational speaker I always listen him before start my session or when I'm going to my job. I like his story; from be a vagabond to a successful person in life. And this speech I don't know how many time I have listened it, an other good speech that I like is called the ''six rules of success'' in this speech I like the part when it says ''don't be afraid to fail you can't always win but don't be afraid to take decisions'' it's like in poker you have to take decisions that may be aren't gonna work this time but you cant be afraid to take this decision.

    1. Ya Fernando I have been listening to Eric for years. He is amazing and I am really happy for all of the success that he has achieved now. I have also listened to the 6 rules of success speech many times by Arnold S. It is good also.