Announcing the Release of My Book: Crushing The Microstakes (eBook)

BlackRain79 Crushing the MicrostakesHey guys,

Well it is finally here. I just want to thank you all for the patience and even moreso for all the support. Truthfully I could not have completed this thing without all the words of encouragement here, on DragTheBar, on Twitter, and elsewhere.

Nearly 3 months ago when I decided to start writing a book I thought I would put together some little 50 page manual in a week or two and toss it up here. How much could there really be to say in a book about microstakes poker? Boy was I wrong.

250 pages, 46k words and countless hours later I have created what I believe will be the premier guide on how to beat crush the microstakes. I have detailed every single component of the game and added every bit of wisdom that I could glean from 6 million hands to create a blueprint for the utter destruction of these games.

This book is about raising winrates. Period. The games will never be the same again :(

Table of Contents (Click to View)

In sum, this book is a complete manual from table selection to the final river raise on what to do in every situation imaginable at the micros. I tried to touch on every single scenario I could think of and provide as many examples as possible. I make frequent use of visuals to really bring the book alive and hammer home main points.

    • HUD popups
    • Pokerstove equity analysis
    • Illustrative screenshots
    • Detailed Hold'em Manager analysis
    • Dozens of example hands
    • Clickable table of contents 
    • Bookmarks for easy navigation

      Writing this book was the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life apart from graduating from university. But it was also a thoroughly enjoyable experience. This is the one thing in the world that I really am an expert at. This game (especially at the micros) has literally been my life for the past 5 years. The actual writing portion of this book was totally effortless.

      When you know something this well. When it has been pounded into your brain 6 million times you don't even need to think about it anymore. My fingers just kind of wrote it. The editing and formatting was the truly crazy part. I will spare you all the details.

      I just want to thank each and every one of you again for all the support over the years. I wrote this for you guys. My greatest hope is that it takes your game to that next level. A level you deserve to be at.

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      Crushing the Microstakes Nathan BlackRain79 Williams 

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      Pages: 251
      ISBN: 978-0-9878836-0-5
      Copyright  © 2019 by Nathan Williams


      1. awesome, been waiting for this!

      2. Just bought this E-Book . Great read so far lots of good info in here , explained very well and worth the price thanks Nathan . Chris

      3. Thanks Black, I have the book and I am starting to enjoy it.

      4. well im having problems with shop. I used link which is above. In openned window and I have clicked to continue shopping and it closed my window :(

        Could someone help me plese?

        1. Hi Pepe,

          Please send me an email and I will get back to you ASAP.

      5. Just bought a book, thanks for writing it :)

      6. I bought your book, i don't need it !...but that's my way to says thank you for your fantastic work/bog...

      7. Thank you very much both of you :)

      8. I bought the book and I am disappointed, many pages are half empty or more, many pages only have one oversized screenshot from HEM and you say about 10 times something like "I will say much more about this later" and before I knew it the book was finished.

        Sorry mate, but I really had expected some slightly deeper insights from you because your blog was often entertaining and well written but this "book" is disappointing in many ways.

      9. d8me,

        Thank you very much for your honest thoughts. I am really sorry to hear that you are disappointed. I have never written a book before so I undoubtedly made mistakes.

        I had some similar comments (in an email) from one other person also. I may actually reformat the book with less space between headers. It definitely was not my intention to mislead anyone with an artificially high page count.

        The word count is 46k. I have cross referenced with other popular books such as those by Owen Gaines and Dusty Schmidt. They're books are right about the same.

        The same other person also pointed out to me that I didn't flesh out some ideas well enough. With this one, I guess all I can say is that I am sorry. I thought I said close to everything that was on my mind on each subject =/

        I really appreciate your insights and if I get more feedback like this I may have to really consider making some changes. I am currently soliciting the opinions of many well known people to hopefully get some official reviews out there.

        But I can really only go on the feedback that I have received thus far. It has been overwhelmingly positive. I do not currently offer a money back guarantee (although I may in the future) but I will offer to you what I did the other guy. 1 hour of free coaching. This is the same value as the price of the book.

        If you want to take me up on this, please email me. Hit the contact tab above for my email address. Thanks again.

      10. I didn't mean to sound overly critical and don't want any reimbursement. I'm a linguist and edit/translate books on a daily basis so my standards are naturally somewhat higher in that regard :) I really encourage you to go for a second book in the future to elaborate some concepts deeper, maybe describe your thought processes further. Cheers mate!

      11. No plans for a second book anytime soon but never say never I suppose. And no offense taken. I can live with a few people not liking the design of the book or my explanations on certain points.

        As I have said all along this book is about producing poker results. The only reviews that I really care about are "My winrate was X before I read CTM and my winrate is X+1, X+2 etc after reading CTM." And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if people follow the advice in this book, they will see results.

        But further to that end I will be releasing some bonus material (might take a few weeks) with much more detailed HEM stats, tons more example hands and maybe a couple videos as well. Plus anything else I can think of. This will all be offered for free to anyone who has purchased the book past, present or future.

      12. awesome, looking forward to the bonus material and glad to hear you are still highly motivated!

      13. I have a question on your red line stats (i.e. won at showdown) has a downward trend. Are you concerned with that or because at the micro stakes, as we want to get value and not bluff fish, this is not that important?

        1. The latter. And especially at the stakes discussed in CTM I think if you have a positive red line it will probably hurt your winrate, the only line that actually matters.