Book Update

Hey guys, nothing much new to post about besides the book once again because it's all that I have been doing lately. I am really sorry that it is not out yet. All I can keep saying is "soon."

The editing is the big problem. Everything else is done, from the cover design to the table of contents, the copyright page, everything. I am on my 5th or 6th edit right now (lost count) and I am still finding typos and grammar problems here and there. The book is now 260 pages so this is a real chore. It's really frustrating at this point to be honest. I'm really sick of reading my own book!

I'll just release another excerpt here. This one will be a little bit more strategy related which is what most of the book is about. I don't want people to get the wrong impression from the previous two excerpts.

Maybe I will release the whole book as excerpts and there will be nothing left to buy lol! Thanks for the patience and support guys. It really will be soon and then I can talk about something else on here as well.
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