Free DTB Video

Hey guys, just a quick post here. Actually first, I just want to say thanks for all the interest and kind words regarding the coaching options in the previous post. Its been great working with some of you so far and I look forward to going over the video submissions on DragTheBar in a few days.

For this post though I just wanted to link to a free video of mine. DTB has a Youtube channel and they post excerpts or full installments of a video each month. I just found out about this today by the way or I would have posted about this before haha.

Anyways, they chose one of my videos this month, in full. It is the final part of my Crushing The Micros II series played at NL10. Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave any comments or questions regarding it below.


  1. Anonymous23 September

    Thanks for the post. By the looks of it, NL10$ will take a little more to master than NL2$/NL5$. I guess I just have to work harder to get there.No worries, baby steps :D.

  2. Ya I think every level is a little bit harder than the previous one. NL10 isn't that hard to beat though with a basic ABC Tag game, 13/10 or something. I play a lot looser in this video but that is due to only playing 4 tables.

  3. I don't post too many comments on your blog but I do stop by here to read often.I just wanted to say your blog is cool as fuck keep up the great work bro! :-)

  4. Excelents videos, I have a Drag the bar subcription, and you help a lot.