Coaching This Fall

Hey guys. Lots of stuff going on regarding coaching so let me get started.

Edit: Please note that this is a very old post and I am no longer a coach at Dragthebar.

In fact, I don't offer 1 on 1 poker coaching anymore.

However, I do have a comprehensive poker course now which is open for enrollment here.

Coaching (paid)

I have been offering private coaching now for a few months and have worked with several students. It is definitely something that I enjoy doing. 

However, I had kind of set my rate prohibitively high lately because I have been busy with other things non-poker related.

But I want to get some more students on the go now as well as get more experience and more feedback. 

Even though I am already one of the most affordable poker coaches out there, most of the people looking into my services are micro stakes players. They can't afford the rates that most poker coaches charge.

So I am going to experiment with dramatically lowering my rate for awhile to $25 per hour and see how that works. 

Coaching (free)

Now I also want to offer a free coaching option as well. Sort of haha. There is always a catch right? The catch is pretty easy though in my opinion. First, you need to sign up to

I want to be completely clear on the signup process as I anticipate questions. I even tested it out myself before I wrote this to make sure. 

You do not need to signup for a monthly paid account or even the 7 day free trial. You absolutely can if you like, don't get me wrong. DTB is a fantastic learning tool and community with the best coaches by far in my opinion.

However for the purposes of this free coaching all you need to do is register a DTB username and password. When the credit card or paypal screen comes up just hit cancel or exit out and you will be good to go.

Next you need to upload a video of yourself playing poker. 

When you are finished uploading your video please pm me on DTB to let me know. Also please tell me a little bit about yourself (your general strategy, your poker history, just a few words) I will download your video and record my thoughts over it. Feel free to add your own audio with your thoughts as well, but don't feel obligated to do so.

I would ask that you keep your video to around 30 minutes in length and 4 tables or less. I will be pausing it at times to discuss a hand in depth and the final product for DTB needs to be around 45 minutes.

And I just want to be clear on this as well. Your video, with my thoughts added, will be re-released as an official DTB video sometime next month. So basically you are going to be famous :p

Also, I think most people already know this but I am a full ring specialist and play primarily microstakes. So it would be preferable if your video fits these targets as well.

I have no idea what kind of demand there will be on this. I hope lots. But I can only publish 3 videos per month so if there is a lot of demand I will just go in order of submission and get to them in the following month.

One last thing, as I try to anticipate the logistics of this. Some people may not wish to actually join DTB which means that they won't be able to watch the final product. If that is the case I will get you hooked up with some free site-wide access for a couple days so that you can watch it or download it when it comes out. So don't worry about that.

There is no cost whatsoever for you. In fact another coach may even choose to do some commentary on your video as well. I hope this sounds like a good idea for some of you!

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Thanks guys.

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  1. Nathan $25.00 an hour for coaching is an awesome rate. I hope viewers here take advantage of this special price , i know i will thanks . Chris

  2. Anonymous15 September

    This is great, fantastic even. I plan on taking up some coaching with you when I'll be moving up to NL10$, which hopefully will be soon. And as far as the DBT video, I'm already working on it :). Really hope, you get to check it out. Thanks a lot. I can't stress enough how much of a help you are. Lolo

  3. Anonymous15 September

    Just one question for now: Should the video be in MP4 format or FLV,because I read the 'how to' and it was different, dependig on what you want from it, or does it even matter to you? Thanks.Lolo

  4. Thanks for the support guys.


    I am told that it doesn't matter that much. So you choose.

  5. Anonymous17 September

    Ok.So I recorded the video and for some reason(imo the length or size because it doesn't do it for a 5 min video) it shows a scrambled image. I can't get passed this mainly because I have no PC skills(read some forum but it didn't help).I'm thinking that maybe once uploaded it'll be ok, but what do I know.Any ideas?Thanks.

  6. Hmm, I'm not a great help with this stuff either. However I can try. Is it converted to FLV or MP4? Can you try converting it to the one that you didn't? Have you tried some different playback devices, i.e. VLC, Windows Media Player?

  7. Anonymous17 September

    I tried converting it to FLV and MP4 and tried VLC, MediaPlayer,RealPlayer and then some, no luck. I'll try again tomorrow,start all over. I'd hate this not to work because of some tech stuff. Thanks for your help.

  8. Yes I agree. I've tried googling this. Not a ton of help. You could try posting this issue in that how to thread on DTB. You might get more answers there.

    You said you got it to work with a 5 minute video though right? Is there anything that you can remember doing different on that one? Did you record audio as well on either of them?

  9. Anonymous17 September

    No audio. Did the exact same thing that's why I'm guessing it's the size. I'll try again tomorrow. I also tried with the CamStudio 2.0 version. That worked, but the picture quality was poorer. I dunno.I might have someone who knows these kinds of thing come by and try and fix it.

  10. Hey Nathan , just wanted to let your readers know i paid for an hour session with you . It went great i am going to pay for a few more they are well worth the price people . After we finished i played a few hours of .05-.10NL Full Ring and made over $1,000.00 yea really LOL . NO just kidding lol but i did make almost two buy ins using the basics of what he taught me. Sure we all have leaks ,if he can plug a few it will pay in the long run .Thanks again, Chris.