So I am Going to Write a Book

BlackRain79 is going to write a bookSimilar to coaching, writing blog posts or making videos, this would come pretty naturally to me. As tilted and annoyed as I get by this game at times, if I didn't enjoy poker immensely overall, I would have quit about 5 million hands ago :)

I believe that I can add a lot of value to the micro stakes community, given the success that I have had. I see a serious lack of information out there on how to beat the lowest stakes. To my knowledge, I am the only person on any training site, that is consistently making videos at these limits.

The information on forums is kind of sketchy to say the least (it does depend on the forum though). But the advice is often from people who don't actually play in these games, or from beginners who probably shouldn't be giving advice in the first place.

And any books that I could find out there purporting to cover the micro stakes seem to suffer from the same problem. The authors don't actually play at the micro stakes. Or much poker at all in some cases since the games got tough!

All of this is crazy to me. These are the limits where everybody starts at. And they are the most popular ones on the internet. I just checked on Pokerscout and there are more tables currently running on Pokerstars at NL2 than any other limit.

Do we really need another book on how to beat 5/10 when there are a grand total of 2 full tables running right now at that limit on the biggest poker room in the world?

And if everybody was just breezing through the micros like all the experts on the forums believe you should, then nobody would be visiting this blog, commenting on my PTR, watching my videos on DragTheBar etc. They would all be balling it up at 5/10 with all the other superstars out there.

The reality of course is much different.

So I intend to write this book about the lowest limits. The ones that I am either famous or infamous for depending on who you talk to. That would be NL2 and NL5. I have had more success than anyone in history at these stakes but perhaps more importantly, I still crush these games today. This is why I feel comfortable writing this book.

My goal with this book is very simple. I want to put to virtual ink the playbook in my head that has allowed me to have a lot of success in these games. I feel that unlike other formats be it coaching, videos or blog posts, a book is kind of a mammoth block of information that cannot be denied.

The information in those other formats is always far more limited to time and space constraints. My intention with this book, is a comprehensive statement on how to beat these particular games, in 2011, at the highest winrate possible.

So unlike some other poker books out there, you won't find many pretty diagrams in this one. Hardly any math. No plot. No gripping story lines. Hardly any fancy pictures. No complex EV calculations. No fluff. Just results.

I don't plan on writing another book on poker ever again. While it has been enjoyable so far, it has also been a massive undertaking.

I have actually already written most of the book. I didn't want to say anything about this until I actually sat down and really got started. I have written so much at this point that there is no way that I don't release it. I expect the editing and formatting to take weeks still and my goal at this point is simply to release it before the end of this year. But hopefully a bit sooner than that.

But as I said this is still very much a work in progress. So I would like your input on anything that you would like to see covered in it. For example, your most burning questions or problems relating to these games. As I said before, I want to leave no stone unturned in this book and it will not be released until I am very satisfied that that is the case.

Lastly, if you are an author yourself or have any advice or input on how to write or release a book please let me know as well as I have never done this before. My intention right now is to release this as an eBook (PDF format) only, but if there is some interest in a hardcover or paperback version, I may consider that as well.

As always guys, and girls, thanks for the support here on my blog and elsewhere. Hope you are all doing well! If you enjoyed this article please "Like" or "Tweet" it below!

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  1. see if you can get a hold of Dusty on Drag the bar to help you with it. Good luck with the E-book sounds great for us micro players..

  2. I think you're right about the micro-stakes coaches.
    Good Luck with the book!


  3. pdf is good to read on the laptop screen, ipad etc. make also version in mobi format (for kindle 3 users)

  4. Thanks for the support guys! It means a lot. And thanks for the info Beeria, I've never even heard of mobi lol. I will certainly look into that.

  5. Hi,

    I prefer the printed copy, and of course I will buy it,

    There is a serious piracy problem in the world, is better to you sell and ship directly printed copies.

  6. HackerCR,

    Thanks for the suggestions. I don't worry too much about piracy. I know that some people are going to steal it. It's just the way it is. But with the popularity of mobile devices these days I think offering a digital copy of the book is a must.

  7. Hello, when are you planning to release the book?

  8. Hi Pokeng,

    I am hoping for sometime in early November.