October Review/November Goals

Not a whole lot to say about October. It was my lowest volume month since February of this year (when the Olympics were here). I am not sure if I even hit 100k hands. I won't even bother posting a graph. I was fairly busy and I also switched over to 6max but a lot of it was still lazyness.

As for results, I just got unstuck a few days ago after a disastrous start to the month at full ring. Things turned around in 6max. I crushed NL50 and broke even at NL25. Go figure. I don't think I have ever had a losing month, in five years, so I was cutting it a little bit close!

I added NL50 this past month plus deep tables and 6max where the VPP rate is higher than FR anyways. So my rakeback went way up this month, around 800 even with the low volume. Couple hundred also made on the tables. Around 1100 or so in total I guess. I have coaching income now as well but I'm not going to count that here.

Basically I need to get my act together in November though. Gotta make sure I get Supernova before the year is over. I am just over halfway there right now. I hope to table select a little bit at NL100 this month but we will see how it goes. I will likely play the vast majority of my hands at 6max. I'm really sick of full ring. 6max is a lot more fun to me.

Goals for November are to play a lot more. I will also be experimenting with looking at my results much less. I can't completely ignore my results forever but I also have absolutely no need to check them every day. Especially since I don't take losing well at all and I have to lose a lot more regularly now when playing higher limits.

I have never gone longer than a day without looking. So I think a reasonable goal would be to have at least one stretch during the month where I don't check my cashier for a period of one week.

Lastly, I have two videos waiting to be released. I made them a week ago. I don't control when they get released. Hopefully soon though. I was really disappointed with the audio in the first one and I was quite unprepared as well. These ones are much better. GL to u all in November!


  1. Hi man,

    Do you still have a coach?

    6max, yeah that really cool. Hope to be back on those soon.

    NL100 woaw, that's a goal.

    GL to you too.

  2. Hi Rain,

    Good to see you into 6 max, your tight but aggressive style should adapt well there!

    I was wondering about the drag the bar site, how does the free trial work, cos i tried to sign up and they still want my credit details, even tho its a free trial??? Do they automatically deduct money out if i give my details....since its a free trial it really dosent make sense to me, i mainly just want to see your videos but if the site is good i may pay for it after the trial...if you know more about it, can you let me know.



  3. I'll ask the boss and get back to you.

  4. I'll just write up a quick new blog post as I've had a few questions about this now.


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