DTB signups

Hey guys and gals. I've had a few questions now about signing up to DragTheBar in the comments so I thought I would just make a post here to clear everything up. The 7 day free trial requires a credit card or paypal. This is standard across the internet for any subscription based service. And the main reason for this is to prevent abuse of the free trial system.

Also, you will be billed automatically on the 8th day if you do not cancel. Again, this isn't exclusive to DTB. You can check how many days it has been at any time on the "My Account" tab. And if you signed up with paypal, you can reverse the charges yourself if you make a mistake and forgot to cancel.

I am biased of course and I think a DTB membership is invaluable to your success if you take poker even semi seriously. I could go on all day but I would sign up just to watch Leatherass's videos alone. The guy has made like $3 million playing online poker. Those are the kind of people I like to listen to.

In any case, I hope the info above answers any questions about the free trial. If there is something else you want to know about, by all means, ask away.

I know some of you are checking out the site mainly to see my videos. Firstly, thanks. Secondly, I apologize for the delay on my second video. I have been especially anxious to get it released because I was disappointed with how my first one turned out. I can confirm that it will be released on Nov 8. And there should always be 4 or so a month from me from now on.


  1. How much you charge for coaching lessons Nathan??

  2. I don't actually coach anyone :p I just make videos right now. I may decide to get into that a bit in the future though.

  3. Hey whats up blackrain. Ive played with you at 5nl full ring. I have a couple of questions. How many 6 max tables are you playing? Since youre at 50nl now are you going to play any heads up? Ive seen some guys at 50nl with 500$ stacks. It seems really soft. TY GL

  4. Hi Green,

    I have played as many as 24 6max tables but I think its probably a bit too crazy for me right now lol. My sweet spot seems to be about 16 or 18. I don't have any plans to play HU right now cuz I think it takes a lot more focus than ring games and I'm just trying to move up and get supernova before the end of the year.


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