6max Swinging

I switched over to 6max recently. I am really enjoying it so far. It is a lot more fun to play than full ring. The swings are pretty crazy as seen by the graph above but I am starting to get used to it I think. I am only 25k hands in. I am killing NL50 for 5BB/100 and getting smoked at NL25 for -3BB/100 lol.

I am pouring over the hands each night in HEM. I'm still making a lot of mistakes but it is a learning process and I feel good about where I am going.

The vpp rate in 6max is much better than full ring. I am playing deep tables now though which brings it up but .24 at NL50 and .14 at NL25 is pretty cool.

The full ring tables these days are just so bone dry its ridiculous. I guess its still ok at NL25 but at NL50, its just not possible to load up 24 good tables. Running over nits doesn't really pay the bills. Busting fish does.

There are still a lot of nits in 6max but its not quite as bad as full ring. Plus since there's fewer people at the table you get to play more pots with any fish that show up. Its also nice to be able to just ship AK or QQ preflop and not even worry about it lol. So I am sticking with 6max indefinitely, while continuing to mix NL25 and NL50 for game selection.

My first video is up at DragTheBar I am not very happy with it...of course lol. I was kinda nervous as I have never made a video before and I made a lot of stupid mistakes at times in what I said.
The audio also turned out pretty bad.

The good news is that I have a sick new Sennheiser headset so there will never be audio problems again. And also, I learned a lot from making the first video and I think my subsequent ones will be much better. Please leave me your feedback here or on the forums there. I make the videos for you guys, not me.

Biggest pot I have played in years. Both villains are basically lunatics.

Hand converter-Pokerhand.org

PokerStars, $0.25/0.50 NO Limit Texas Holdem Cash Games, 6 Players

BB: $43.95
UTG: $183.85
UTG+1: $377.20
CO: $213
Button: $183.95
SB: $125
Dealt to: CO
UTG raises to $1.85, UTG+1 calls $1.85, CO raises to $10, (3 folds), UTG calls $8.15, UTG+1 calls $8.15,
Flop:($30.75) (3 Players)
UTG checks, UTG+1 checks, CO bets $18, UTG raises to $58, (1 folds), CO calls $40,
Turn: ($146.75) (2 Players)
UTG bets $115.75 and is all-in, CO calls $115.75,
River: ($378.25) (2 Players)
UTG Showed

CO Showed

CO wins $375.85

blackrain79 6max


  1. Yeh, 6 max brings bigger varianze and much strategy involved making it interesting to play more. Are you still 24-tabling @ 6handed?
    (sweet pot there with the Aces)

  2. I've been thinking about switching over to 6max for a long time myself...have you tried 24 tabling 6max? I can only get up to 12 before I get overwhelmed lol.

    It's also ridiculous how much better the VPP rate is too. If I was to go for SN, I'd move all my play to these tables!

  3. Good luck man, I just discovered your blog and it looks interesting. And when you say that you do the videos for us only, we all know it's not true :). I don't mean it in a bad way but you do it mainly for improving your skills and for $$$.
    But anyways, if I try DTB free account, will I be able to watch your video? Because it says I'm gonna have access just to some 'free' videos.
    Thanks for answer.

  4. That downswing @ 8k hands would have taken 2 years off my life. Keep on grinding.

  5. ?? If you had the QQ what would you do??

  6. J & Wing,

    24 tables of 6max is a bit too crazy for me. It would def affect my play significantly. I normally play 12-18.


    Yes you are right, I do make the videos for the money. But honestly, I don't get paid that much to make them. I do make them because I like helping people also.


    If I had the QQ there that deep I would have played it the same as him preflop. I would have just called the flop however, and folded the turn.

  7. -Is there any way to see your vids without the payment xP. You should post like a preview or somthn..
    -Which are your BankrollManagement Rules?
    -How´s 6max treating you?

  8. Nope sorry man. They are the property of DTB. For BRM, I am being staked right now so it doesn't really apply. But generally I am quite conservative with it. 6max is going well. Been meaning to try it for real for so long. I just find it more fun to play than full ring overall.

  9. Well rain started to analize the 280fpp hyperturbo and found out of the value of them. Wanted to ask you which is your win rate at those?
    This is me so far
    Win : xxx
    Tie : xx
    Lose: xxxxx

  10. I stopped tracking my actual stats in them. I've played a couple hundred of them which is probably a good enough sample. I get .018 cents per FPP.

  11. Ive ended the day like this :)
    Win : 14
    Tie : 4
    Lose: 13
    Pretty much the same rate as you :D. Stoked!!!

  12. Ya you go on crazy runs good and bad in those. Don't get too discouraged if you get sucked out a bunch. I remember losing like 18 in a row once lol. All in all, they are very easy, quick, and good value. gl.

  13. It's me or they stop those 280fpp?

  14. I spent several hours playing them yesterday.