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Just wanted to keep you guys posted on whats going on with my videos for DragTheBar. I made my first one yesterday and it will be released on Tuesday of next week. You guys wanted the lowest stakes and so that is exactly what I will be doing. The plan is for a 3 part series at each micro limit starting with NL2, then NL5 and then NL10, for a total of 9 videos. I will also be releasing a video solely dedicated to mass multi tabling, along with HUD setup, table selection and whatever else I can think of.


  1. Yess! You are the man!! Looking forward to checking out the videos.

  2. Got interested in the movetable scripts here http://www.flopturnriver.com/pokerstars-ahk-scripts.php
    wondering if the scripts that you have are better... Are you gonna share them?:P

  3. That script looks way better than what I got actually. But mine works for me so its no biggie. Tableninja does all this stuff as well I believe and its much more user friendly. 60 bucks though I think.

  4. Hey, I see you start to play 6 max ;)


  5. Big fan. Only just recently heard of you after I was ranking on one of my regular forum at how micro limits seemed next to impossible to beat. I was Fortunate I was shown Blackrain79 to give myself new inspiration and belief that they are beatable long term. Got a few questions for yourself, if you got the time to answer them?

    ps: Modt definitely will be watching the videos.

  6. Phil,

    Yes, full ring is full of nits! Time to learn 6max :)


    Thanks for the nice words. Ya np, ask away.

  7. Ok Rain 3 questions:
    1)Any official date on the video releases?
    2)What do you do with the bunch of fpps? Bonuses?satelites 4 sunday mayors?
    3)About how many fpps are u generating a month @25NL?

  8. Could you post a pic of a month u played a large quantity of hands?? pleeease (if you have the vpp stat much better). It seems Im not able to play that many tables as you unless I have a faster machine and a bigger screen :s, gonna stick to 10-12 tabling for now.

  9. Lol, i see your working on Weekends LOL Good Luck Nathan....
    the weekend fish will call with ANY two cards and they have been hitting them too dammit..

  10. J,

    1) First one is released in 2 days. Probably one a week after that.

    2) I play the 280fpp satellites to the sunday 1/4 mill. Then I unreg and sell the T$

    3) VPP rate at NL25 FR is .09 per hand. Its a little higher at 6max.


    Ya they've been owning me pretty good this month too. I need to play more on weekends though. They are extra generous as you say.

  11. Sorry if I insist too much on this, but when you say "about 0.09vpp per hand, 6 max is a little higher" is it like 0.098 higher or like 0,13 higher??? Seems silly but it affect the calculations a lot.
    (Btw I only play 6max)

  12. Its much higher, like 0.13
    I recently switched over to 6max also. This was a major reason why.

  13. it's a pity you can't register on DTB site if don't have credit card or paypal account:( any chance for your movie to be uploaded elsewhere?

  14. Beeria,

    Hmm, I wasn't aware of that. Actually I just went through the reg process to test and you are right. I created a paypal account myself a few weeks ago. Its pretty quick. Maybe try that. I can't upload my videos elsewhere as they are the property of DTB.

  15. I checked out your first video today pretty good stuff despite a lil audio problem.I'll have to try some of your approaches to the game next time im on the table.

  16. Thanks,

    Just made 2 new videos. There won't be any audio issues this time. And overall they are just much better as well.

  17. I'll have to check out your other vids too.After watching the first one it had me wondering how much money you robbed me of with position on the NL5 tables.Of course it isn't hard to push around nitty players like me anyways.But I'm trying to work on that lol.


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