Downswinging + The Big News

Well poker sucks. Am on an 8 buyin downswing to start the month. I am still at NL25. Some pretty wicked setups lately. What can you do. I am just trying not to spew and stick it out. I still need to play way more. Gonna try and start pumping out the 10k hand days again starting tomorrow.

I'm not gonna move up to NL50 when I am downswinging but I think I am just gonna slowly mix it in anyways. I have really been working on ideas for table selection lately and honestly even at NL25 I often find myself on tables with all nits. 1 fish at least is my new rule! So ya, I may just mix stakes, to that end.

I can finally reveal the big news that I had alluded to before. I am now a coach at I will be making plenty of microstakes full ring videos in the near future! I am really pumped about joining this site. It has all my heros, Leatherass, Mbolt1, highly acclaimed mental game guru Jared Tendler and a ton of other great coaches.

Besides the sick lineup, one of the first things that sold me on this training site was the fact that they link all the coaches PTR pages right beside their name. No more coaches who can't beat the games! These guys all kill it. I encourage you all to check it out. You can test drive the site for free for 7 days. I am always in the forums there commenting on hands as well.

Important Edit:

Please note that this is a very old post and I no longer am a coach at Dragthebar.

However, I do have a brand new BlackRain79 Elite Poker University which is open for enrollment right here.


  1. Congrats on dragthebar Nathan...

  2. Anonymous06 October

    Congratulations, man!

    Could you make your first video at 2NL? It would help a lot of microstakes players...:)

  3. Congratulations!

    Can't wait to see how you'll do!

  4. Congrats BR, if the price is right I might sign up on the fact you are coaching stakes that are never really covered. Would you be starting a series as low as 2NL and moving up? I know it may sound ridiculous to many but I'm very interested in seeing 2NL & 5NL videos from you.

    Congrats again

  5. Congrats! I will be joing Drag the Bar..

  6. Way to freaking go BR. Pretty sure I'm gonna sign up for the sight now. I was considering doing it before, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to now.

    As someone who has followed your blog since you made it public, you are an inspiration! Way to go sir.

  7. Thanks everyone. I am not sure what stakes I will be making videos at yet. That isn't totally up to me. For the most part, training sites don't normally offer videos below NL25.

    I would love to make an NL2 or NL5 vid or even series for you guys though. If enough people want it, I am sure it will happen.

  8. A series on how to grind up through the micro stakes to where you are now would be great to do.

  9. Your my favorite coach so far :) :).. Ive learned a lot from you since i started the micro cash games .

  10. it was your statement that has stopped me from signing up to other sites in the past, no-one really offers anything <25nl.

    reality is, not all of us have enough buy-ins for a correct BRM approach at 25nl, we need to play 2nl, 5nl & 10nl.

    I really think, given your experience, success and history, it would be a huge asset to offer all forms of vids starting from the smallest possible, how else will people with BR's of <$500 (20 BI) move up unless they take a shot and simply run good? the vast majority of micro stakes players would gain heaps from this, and common sense tells me even 1 or maybe 2 vids would suffice for these levels.

    You did mention you are not calling the shots and I respect that but I do ask you direct the "decision makers" to these comments and hopefully they take this on board

    Thank you for reading my thoughts BR

  11. Good stuff man finally maybe I can get a peek at whats going on in your head when playing poker.I could definetly use some coaching my game has gone stale.

  12. Custo,

    I do agree with you. There is a big lack of content below NL25. I think a big reason why is because most members of training sites play at least NL25. Membership fees might constitute too much of a NL2-NL10 player's bankroll.

    That said, there is clearly a lot of interest here for lower stakes videos and I will certainly be pointing my "boss" to these comments. I will keep you guys posted on what direction my videos will take.

  13. congrats ;),

    btw how did you get staked, did they come up to your or did you apply?

  14. Scoom,

    The staking was offered to me and came about through my talks with Drag The Bar about becoming a coach there.

  15. i wish i was in the same spot as you ;)

    i should be getting UGL @ 25nl this month maybe that would help :D

  16. Good for you man. No doubt you will be a good teacher.

    I need a good one for NL25 SH, cheap and good...I know, I'm dreaming sometime ;)(PM me if you hear something)


  17. You mentioned in an earlier post just how " wildly " different NL25 is from NL12.50, could you please provide some examples. Thanks a bunch and congrats on the DTB!

  18. By NL12.50 I am going to assume you mean NL5 lol. The differences:

    1) Way more regs. At NL25 its pretty normal to have only 1 fish at the table. At NL5, I would always leave the table if that were the case as it is pretty easy to find tables with 2 or 3 fish on them. By fish I am just refering to someone who is 25+ vpip. Obv there are bad regs who are "fish" too.

    2) The regs are a lot better. You still have tons of relatively clueless nits but there are many more who are tags and even lags who will give you some trouble both postflop and preflop.

    3) 3betting is much more prevalent. This more than anything was the biggest adjustment for me. You will get 3bet relatively light fairly often. This doesn't really happen at NL5.

    As I think I said before though, NL25 is still not that hard to beat. Its just a vastly different game than NL5. Which isn't really a shocker since there is a level between them. Its like saying NL200 plays way differently than NL50. Everybody knows this. gl.

  19. when u moving to the quarter BR?

  20. Do you mean NL50? Today

  21. oh yeah sorry i meaned 50nl not 25nl haha don't know what i was thinking


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