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BlackRain79 NL25
My graph changed a little bit. 9.5 buyin days tend to do that lol. I think I figured a few things out today though such as cbetting way more, with better sizings, depending on the board. Also I have really been working on understanding double barrel spots better and was successful with a lot of them today.

Basically I am not making as many blind bets anymore. I am much more aware of why I am betting based on my perceived range and my opponents range. And I am much more aware of what sizings are most efficient whether I am betting for value or bluffing. Also I didn't spew. Also I ran like God. Ez game.

Favorite hand of the day:

Villain is a fish


PokerStars, $0.10/0.25 NO Limit Texas Holdem Cash Games, 9 Players

SB: $19.75
BB: $74.77
UTG: $25
UTG+1: $14.08
MP1: $25
MP2: $24.25
MP4: $9.65
CO: $30.57
Button: $34.55
Dealt to: Button
(1 folds), UTG+1 calls $.25, (4 folds), Button raises to $1, (1 folds), BB calls $.75, UTG+1 calls $.75,
Flop:($3.10) (3 Players)
BB checks, UTG+1 bets $3, Button calls $3, (1 folds),
Turn: ($9.10) (2 Players)
UTG+1 checks, Button checks,
River: ($9.10) (2 Players)
UTG+1 bets $5, Button raises to $30.55 and is all-in, UTG+1 calls $5.08 and is all-in, Button returns $20.47,
Button Showed

UTG+1 Showed

Button wins $27.82


  1. I don't know whats sexier, the graph or the hand :)

    Glad to see things turning up for you BR.

    Was meaning to ask, are you only playing the 40-100bb tables? I've played some 25nl but the 20-50bb and it's pretty much all in pre every 3rd hand which I ended up hating.

    keep it up and good luck

  2. congratulations, have been months since I get a straight flush!!!!!!

  3. Custo,

    Yes, only the 40-100bb tables.

  4. Hey Blackrain,

    What stats do you use in your HUD? If you don't mind sharing :). I am just making the transition to 25NL just wondering what you use and what you feel has worked the best. Also, did you change anything in your game since your run at 25 nl a couple months ago and this time around? Thanks.

  5. Niceguy,

    First row: VPIP/PFR/AF/ATS
    2nd Row: Fold to cbet, fold to turn cbet, flop cbet, turn cbet
    3rd Row: 3bet, Fold to 3bet, Hands

    I tried to do too much last time I moved up and even during the first part of this move up. Playing way too mindlessly aggro and loose. I was gonna show them whose boss lol! But I also ran really bad and it was a disaster.

    My advice would be to just play tight, maybe even tighter than you do right now until you get used to the money and the regulars. NL25 plays way differently than NL2 or NL5 (I don't know about NL10) but its still the micros and a solid tag or even nit can beat it for a decent clip.


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