BlackRain79 NL25
is fun.

BlackRain79 NL25
Above is my redline graph for NL25 this month, as requested. The flattening at the end is the last two days with the changes to my game mentioned in the last post. But it could be due to the rungood also, I don't know. When you always have a great hand you don't really need to outplay people.


  1. GG again, next post with graph can you please share your showdown/non-showdown winnings aswell please mate.


  2. nice work lately Rain! It must be pretty exciting for you breaking your biggest winning day on ptr i think it was $180, must be licking your chops for more days like that and better.

    Good luck!


  3. how come u can adapt and win so quickly at 25nl?

    u practically crush 25nl in 3 days whos to say u wont rip 100nl apart?

    are u robot or something that cannot comprehend tilt or the meaning of death?do u not play live poker for the thought of causing harm to fellow human beings would be so devastating that ur electronic brain would suffer a overload and die?

    ps: can u make a few posts on how to beat the micros pls or a couple of coaching videos?

  4. Betidiots,

    Yup. Running good is what you play for. Wish it were always this easy. But I'd like to think a little bit of it is due to improving my game. Thats the important part.


    LOL. My electronic brain do not compute your comment. I type binary now 0110010011. Ok seriously, my success is due to several things. A lot of hard work, a lot of experience (keep in mind that I have been playing for 5 years and have played much higher), and some coaching from my staker.

    At the micros, the most basic style of play will be the most effective, tight and aggressive. Play good hands, make good hands and bet them hard. Don't bluff too much. If you are playing NL2 or NL5 I would go so far as to say, don't bluff at all, besides cbetting.

    I will likely have some news in the future regarding making some videos.


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