Hands Played Today - 10069

Hands Played August - 58241


Guess I should say something here every once in awhile lol. Utter madness. Complete madness. Still running significantly below EV every day since the middle of July. I have never seen anything like this in all my 5 million hands played lifetime. I think I am completely insane and therefore immune to it by now. Because no normal human being could possibly deal with this.

I have completely lost confidence in my ability to win or even play well several times through this 150k hand stretch. I have questioned and changed my game several times. I am currently playing a bit better because I am allowed to make some money again. But basically my day consists of counting down the time until it says 10k hands in HEM so I can quit. Because everything in between is just chaos.

Every day, every session is just a new absurdity. I lost 900bb today in set over set situations alone. I don't even know how that is possible. But who cares? Its just a fucking circus.

My plan is to just keep putting in massive volume everyday until I break this downswing and get my confidence back. Then I can try and move up again. One good thing about this month is that Stars seems to have forgotten to turn off their micro mania promotion? I am getting VPP at .036 this month at NL5. So that helps.

There is one quote that I have always remembered. It was authored by "Irieguy" in a classic 2+2 post from way back in the day. It rings truer and truer every time I read it.

"Everybody will eventually run worse than they thought was possible. The difference between a winner and a loser is that the latter thinks they do not deserve it."


  1. hey!
    Can You tell me your 3bet and cbet stats if its not a secret? I want to move from 6m to fr and trying to find best strategy. Can you also tell me something about playing AK at fr? its propably not easy shove like at 6m?


  2. My stats are different depending on what limit I play. At NL5, my 3bet is 3 and my cbet is about 60 or 65% I think. You are right, AK is not an easy allin pre like in 6max. Its pretty bad to get it in pre against most opponents at micros.

  3. Anonymous13 August

    pokerstars are leaving the added vpps on till further notice according to the stars rep on the 2+2 pokercast.

  4. yesterday i got down 20 bucks. lost all ins preflop with AA against KK 1010 AK and QJ (40 dolars in 4 hands) hurray for the donkeystars

  5. I have been right in the middle of this craziness where I am down 32 BI and moved down.

    You could be down a few more BI's since you set over set me twice for 100 BB stacks.

    Glad I'm not alone.. You're the man.


  6. iam under all in ev 72 dollars this month is worse then july :/

  7. Yes Booey you are about the only reg I am able to beat lol. Sorry =/ I actually should have posted the hand that occurred the other day. Its the first time I have ever been involved in set over set over set. Course I was the bottomest set lol and 300bb deep. I could have folded easily against regs. Sucks that they keep occurring against randoms or fish. Hang in there guys!

    Luck, glad the promo is still on. They need to keep it forever imo. The micro players have always gotten screwed when it comes to rakeback and it hardly costs Stars anything in comparison to the massive bonuses that higher stakes players regularly get.

  8. Hey BR,

    Stay positive holmes. You are the highest winning player in the world at NL5 and you only made the switch from NL2 3 months ago. You have made more money in 3 months than the number 2 guy has all year. You are still running at almost 4BB/100 for the month according to PTR.....You are good sir....

    I'm back up at NL5 myself after several cashouts. I'll try not to 3 bet you light too often! See you at the tables, sir.


  9. I know that I'm not that good of a player and all but anyone notice since this micro mania thing that alot of regs at our stakes are taking a beating?Not that I'm crying foul or anything just an observation.

  10. Rain,

    It DOES seem odd as Donkedout alluded too. I did managed to post some footage of Villians turning/rivering 1outters and other sick stuff that has happended the past few weeks.

    I have never expereienced so much variance in such a short time frame.

    You don't think Stars is compensating for the higher VPP/Milestones with coolers (more rake generation?)


  11. Booey,

    As convinced as I am at times of rigging going on you will never hear me say "Pokerstars is ______"...in public :p

  12. The better I get, the more I review my hands and see that my set was a 98% favorite on the flop til I lost it on the river, and the more I see the good regs suffering as well, the more I worry about cheaters or 'rigging'.
    I'm down 10 to 12 buyins at least myself in only 14.5k hands.. I've been playing mtt's and satellites with much less stress and much more consistent results.
    My cash grinding is just because I'm stubborn and don't want to quit, but winrates all over indicate I should switch to other forms of poker, or softer sites like UB where I am 30BB/100+ over 2k hands...


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