Hands Played Today - 10042

Hands Played August - 68283


Destroyed a hockey stick today after my first session running KK into AA 3 times etc. I highly recommend breaking stuff as an anti tilt mechanism (I forgot to mention this in my "On Tilt" article). Just make sure you don't break things of real value such as your computer!...however tempting it can be to throw it out the window at times.

But as mentioned in the comments, I still win at a good rate so I should stop bitching and I will now. Results have actually been decent the past couple of days. I am really forcing myself to focus more on each hand and on figuring out more profitable lines against certain types of opponents.


  1. Hi BlackRain, you micro legend, I'm a big fan.

    Can I be nosey?...

    How much do you average playing your 20 ish tables 001/002, per month?

    How many hours do you recon you have to put in to make $1000?

    Next week I'm gonna commit to 8 hours a day, 20 tables. I win at half your rate so it be good to know what I should be aiming for per month.

    Do you tile or cascade the tables? (On 1 or 2 screens)

    And last thing do you use any software like 'TableNinja' to help out?

    I know it's a mission to reply, but I appreciate dude...

    nice one


  2. Rick,

    I don't really play NL2 anymore but you just do some simple math with your winrate (or mine) to find out how many hands to 1k. If you want my results at NL5 check PTR or the last post of any month in this blog.

    I stack tables and use AHK scripts, not TN. If you want more info type "AHK" in the google search on the main page of my blog.

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