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  1. Hi Rain, how are you?

    Just a cpl questions about rake back. Do you have a rake back account, if so how does it work? I'm just curious, cos i read that you can get money back off the money they rake, I'm guessing there's a fee to have a rake back account?



  2. Hey BR like the blog

    Have been on a break even stretch over the last month or so which has destroyed my winrate .Anyways my question to u is have u felt the games have gotten real bad lately for whatever reason(maybe holidays?).I cant remember the last time ive got stacks in with anyone...could be just variance i guess.

    To above poster u cant get rakeback on pokerstars but u can on fulltilt aslong as u sign up through an affiliate before u open an account like rakebrain or thisisthenuts etc.You get around 27% of the rake you've paid back.

    gl luckzor

  3. Bet,

    Ya like Luck said, there is no official rakeback system on Stars like on other sites. On Full Tilt for instance, if you sign up through an affiliate, they will give you 27% of rake paid directly into your account, usually monthly. Stars of course has FPP's and cash bonuses which are "rakeback."


    The games are certainly as tough as they have ever been but I don't think anything has changed dramatically over the past month or so (I have also coincidentally been on the worst stretch of my career though). Games in the summer are always worse than during the winter though.

  4. Speaking of tougher fields.. would you say things have gotten quite a big tougher since January?
    Also, if you organize your report by the HOUR in HEM, do you notice you make more money at certain times?

  5. ZomB,

    Ya, its a steady progression. Its tough to say. Compared to two years ago there are massive differences at NL5. It shows in my winrate. 9BB then, 6BB now.

    How do I do that in HEM?


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