Hands Played Today - 10042

Hands Played August - 78325



  1. Hey black, what do you think about all the regs in nl5? can you name the ones you think are the best and worst and make some comments? :P im just curious!

  2. Somebody asked me that before. It's hard to say, there are so many. Best reg imo is probably Albaligia. Although he tends to go overboard with the preflop warring and get pretty spewy at times. Seever is pretty good too although I don't play with him too much.

    There are lots of decent tags or nits, I can't remember them all. R00Eu1, Timonga, Hewitt2 are a few.

    Then there is the army of so so nits. Open any table and find 3 of them lol.

    I'm not gonna go into who I think sucks. Not my style to tap the glass :)

  3. I saw u go all in with QQ against AA and get quads. LOL! U were tilting or u were just playing according to the info u had on the players involved in the hand?

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