Hands Played Today - 6611

Hands Played July - 157328


I had a downswing that lasted 100k hands once. That was a couple of years ago. Normally I get a 20k or 30k DS or a couple 10k's each month and its a bit annoying but I grind through it. I currently can't even remember the last time that I logged on to Pokerstars to put in a session and had anything resembling a chance to win. It is only due to the sheer retardation that is NL5 that I have been able to win any money at all.

For 75k hands now I have been losing every big pot that I play. People say just grind through it, but how do you grind through it when there is no end? I have been putting in massive volume the last week and a half and I just sit here and stare at the screen, with a sense of numbness and disbelief, as yet another pot gets shipped to an opponent on a miracle river or cooler.

Overall I am fine and haven't tilted too much although I have zero confidence and have missed several value bets because I fear the worst every time. I know that I am seeing the worst that variance has to offer. Perhaps the worst I have ever seen over 4 or 5 million hands. And I guess I should be grateful that I am only losing 25 dollar pots at most and am not even losing money overall. I think all I can do is compartmentalize each day and move on.

Today was something like the 12th day in a row of complete wtf. Perhaps tomorrow will be different.


  1. Rosenfloggen28 July

    The fact that you are able to continue playing through these swings is commendable on its own.

    The grind is important to your VIP level and whatnot, but perhaps another break is in order? Either way, best of luck. I hope this swing stops for you eventually.

  2. Anonymous28 July

    Its not just you in downswing mode this month on NL5 I been checking out some of the regs stats that I play with there they are all doing worse heck I'm moving down to NL2 fuck it can't keep getting my money in good over & over just to see some maricle card come on the river for some suckass donk chasing a 2 outer.Another thing that is funny i look at ptr alot seems like the same days you have a down session i'll have one too so sick just let me stop ranting on...

  3. Anonymous28 July

    this is weird .. I have no idea why u r moaning .. I checked your stats on PTR ... and it look good.. when u compare it with the other regs at nl 5 u were doing quite same before u moved to nl 25 .. ( according to the PTR graphs)

  4. Anonymous28 July


    What works for me and has is this approach. I table ninja 24 tables (stacked), I do NOT move tables out of the stack to watch action because it does NO GOOD!

    I play every hand as optimal as possible and put it back in the stack. If I take a cooler or a tard hits his 1 outter on the river I DO NOT SEE IT, thus doesn't tilt me.

    NEVER check the cashier window, maybe once every 2 weeks.

    What this has done for me is, I do not adjust my play, if I am winning or losing. I am trying to play the best game every time (best hand every time).

    This works, and has been. I do all my hand analysis 1 day every 2 weeks (looking for leaks and how I should of played different) Usually by the end of the month I am a winner and if not I usually can pin point running bad and under EV.

    Good Luck,

    Big Cheifs

  5. Anonymous28 July

    You say you're down swinging and running into bad variance but it least on ptr is says that you're a winning player still on almost every day.

    On the 26th of July it says you won 40$, 8BI win doesn't seem to be a downswing to me.

    Maybe your stats differ from ptr?

  6. Anonymous29 July

    Cheifs great I idea, I agree, you're a winning player at 5NL. No need to look at your cashier on a daily basis. Poker is not played in a vacuum. The end of the month after 200K hands you will have your 5-7BB/100. -Steve O

  7. Thanks for all the comments guys. Just venting more than anything. I try to save my readers from seeing that lol.

    I don't really take breaks. I have goals to move up so I prefer to play each day. I always feel better the next day anyways.

    Yes I have noticed that all regs at NL5 seem to be not winning as much this month. Maybe it is due to the games getting tougher, who knows.

    While PTR shows me as generally winning some money each day it is only due to huge volume. My winrate is off big time this month.

    Big Cheifs,

    I have tried this method as I stack tables as well. I found that not looking at showdowns takes all the fun out of the game for me amd prevents me from getting information about what my opponents are doing. Then I would find myself looking at my stack sizes, trying to cheat to see if I won the all in. I found that I just couldn't do it ultimately. I do avoid watching flips against shorter stacks though.

    The cashier thing, I should do better with it. Never gone weeks without looking, just a day.

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. gl to you all.

  8. Anonymous29 July

    stars is making people run bad for the end of the micromania promotion

  9. I never been on the "rigged" viewpoint, but on months when every long term winner I know is having a hard time, I worry about cheaters..
    You ever get that feeling?

    From the hand histories my friends post from 100nl, 200nl, and higher, It sure looks EASIER up there, not harder. Go figure.


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