Hands Played Today - 8031

Hands Played July - 150668



  1. sup rain, hey i got a suggestion for you whether or not you want to try it is up to you....before you move back to nl25 just a theory...you could maybe try nl5 just bringing in 100 bb's as its the same structure at nl25 unless u play the deep stack tables...you'll get a bit of practice against the worse players with 100bb's might set you up better with the move up again, think about it...


  2. That's pretty hardcore... :)

  3. the main reason i point that out is that your very good at deep stack but imagine bringing the min to the table 40bb's the whole game changes depending on how many bb's you got in front of you which u know, which is why i think you should play 100 bb's before you move up.... 'unless' you play deep stack tables then it wont make a difference in how you play cos guys are waiting to pick you off with short stacks

  4. Thanks for the idea betidiots. And others have brought this up before. However, very few people actually buyin deep at NL5 so in actuality I am playing 100bb or less the majority of the time right now.


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