Hands Played Today - 7074

Hands Played July - 164402


I actually only ran slightly below EV today so that was pretty crazy. Thanks Pokerstars! I am much too lazy to even bother whining anymore so I will just post a pic summing up my thoughts.


  1. Anonymous29 July

    Hi Black, I'm a rookie in poker I was wondering if you had any advice on how to find leaks in my own game? I'm bleeding money out session after session.

  2. Anonymous29 July

    I am reporting you and baa booey for colusion!!!!!!! i watched you guy at my table for the past 3 days and it's obvious!!!! He 3 bets you, you fold, you 3 bet him he folds. i play 6 tables and you guys have been on all of my tables the last few days and have NOT PLAYED 1 hand vs each other! You are a cheat!

  3. Anonymous29 July

    ^^^^ LOL !

    keep on grinding and goodluck BR

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Please report me, you'll probably save me money if they ban me.

    PS: get my name right, when you report me. BaBaa_Booey


  6. [X] Huge losing player, check my PTR stats

    BlackRain, keep up the great work. I follow your blog and recently made the switch back to cash from tourneys. You own.

  7. hey rain, i'd like to thank you for telling me about hem and the multi table ahk's they've helped me to make over $100 in 12 days at 1c 2c and thats playing lazy i could of put in heavyier volume but i like to play when i feel like playing and not in a bad mood!

    I have a funny feeling 1 day we will be playing at the same table in person ;)

    good job dude


  8. Anonymous29 July

    Holdem Manger & AHK scripts. Why not use table ninja.

    Auto buys you into games etc as well has hot keys.

  9. Anon,

    You should look over your hand histories in a tracking program like PT3 or HEM. You could also post some of your bigger losing hands on a poker forum and get feedback from others.


    ROFL. Is this even worth a reply? I agree with Babaa_Booey, go report us. Do you have the email address? If not it is security@pokerstars.com
    Tell them I said hi.


    Yup np man. Glad its working out for you.


    My AHK scripts do everything that TN does as far as I know. I tried the trial version of it. Its a great program though.

  10. haha! the anon 'reporter' was the funniest thing I've read in poker all month ;)

  11. Anonymous30 July

    you think its funny? go a head join there table and watch. they are f'n cheaters both of them. baba-booy sux any way just look at his donky stats!
    FYI, i did send email to support last nite. hope the suspend both of you cheaters!

  12. Anonymous30 July

    Lol even if they were colluding it wouldnt do much good in a full ring cash game.Tried it myself for a lil bit.Does pretty good in 6 max sit n gos though lol

  13. LOL! I never said I was any good you fool. By the way I am a girl not a dude.

    You're an idiot, colluding at a 5NL full ring game. Good one.

    Thanks for tell support, hope they lock me out and confiscating my $260. At least hope you spelled my name right.


  14. Ok Mr. Anonymous accuser, you said your piece and emailed Stars. Run along now. This is my blog, not your personal space to attack and accuse people.

    Its getting pretty ridiculous with the Anon comments trying to address people and these troll issues from time to time. I am just going to disable them. Sorry to the legit Anon people, dujon etc, your gonna have to have a google, aim, wordpress etc account to comment on here from now on.


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