Hands Played Today - 10093

Hands Played July - 142637



  1. Mad props on your volume, I've also been 24 tabling NL5 for over a month now, takes some getting used to, but I play starcraft/warcraft and micro a ton gotta think quick =/ anyway nice volume and good luck moving to 25nl I'm trying to get there myself.

  2. Former SC player as well. gl to u2.

  3. Anonymous27 July


    I have a question regarding 2NL:

    If there is one thing that should be done to maintain a high winrate at 2NL, what would it be? 2NL is driving me freakin crazy! TPTK is a very very marginal hand and everyone seems to show up with the nuts. I'm currently grinding a 3BB/100 winrate, but I know it could be (and should be) a lot higher. What did you do to maintain such a (high) consistent winrate over 1 million hands?

    Additional question:

    When is the next time you're going to move up?

    I admire your work ethic alot; want to be like you someday!

  4. Anonymous27 July

    Hey BR79,

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to reply to not only my questions, but all posts on here. Your input and insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Keep up the great work :-)

  5. Best advice re: NL2 is to make good hands and bet them relentlessly. Give up if they start fighting back though. Also don't bother bluffing much.

    I'll be taking a stab at NL25 again soon. Mostly just waiting to run decent again so my head is in it and I feel confident again.

    Thanks for the compliments.

  6. imnotinsane27 July

    SC player for 4 years here too

    its funny that I've heard of many SC players playing poker

  7. Ya for sure, so many of them. Elky is probably the most popular still. I gave many years of my life to that game and still follow the pro scene in S. Korea all the time. I quit playing two years ago however and I won't be touching SC2 either, which I hear comes out tomorrow lol.

  8. Anonymous27 July

    what means SC?



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