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  1. Anonymous16 July

    HI, would it be possible please send me your game (should be at least 10K) limit of 0.02 / 0.05? Please. now experiencing the downswing and I do not know where I'm wrong. Your form is amazing. Thank you for your answer

  2. Anonymous16 July

    yeah i would like to see your game too, i rly cant get how you doing it, constantly every month 6bb, i was 2,4 last month and this month iam only 1,8 :(

    do notes help you a lot? is it a big part of your succes in these stakes? because i dont make notes because iam using keyboard to actions on table with tableninja, i cant write

    and can you advice me how to play with KK against players who have only 1 3bet and they 3bet you? this happens too much times to me, even they have 1 3bet, when i fold it and some fish call it, in showdown i see cards like AK, QQ sometime AA, lot of times i called KK against unknown loose player who 3bet me and never 3betting in 70 hands and he show me AA i have to buy stress star :D

    what do you think about AA? isnt it good sometime after 3bet only call against tight reg and after no K Q flop just call and check-raise turn? iam trying to play tricky against regs depends on their 3bet range

    how many colors do you use and what types of players you have in labels?

    thank and gl, dujon1

  3. Guys, I am not a coach. I write a blog to keep track of my progress. I will answer general poker related questions.

    Yes, I take quite a few notes and I use mouse to play for the most part.

    I use all of the colours available. Some of my labels are nits, tags, lags, fish (passive), fish (maniac).

  4. Anonymous17 July

    one more question, sorry for waste your time, are you still learning from some forums, or have payed some learning videos etc to improve your game? are you making analyze of your game after sessions? if you making analyze, are you looking only on big pots win/lose or something more

    and when you started to play with real money, have you been good and winning reg, or losing player from starts?


  5. No I don't read forums or post on them much anymore. That doesn't mean they aren't good for beginners. They are probably the best thing to improve your game for free. Stick to posts made by quality members though as there is a lot of bad information from inexperienced posters. I have watched a lot of videos over the years but mostly the free ones on forums. I am not a member of any training site. I analyze my play usually only after losing sessions. I focus on the big pots that I lost. I study other good players as well. Yes, I have always won since the beginning.

    You wanted to know why I win at a high rate every month. I have spent 5 years working really hard on many of the learning tools which you mentioned. Forums, videos, books, study in HEM/PT, playing a ton and talking to good poker players on MSN are all how you get better. Coaching probably works good too, I've never tried it though. Anyways, it just takes time and effort. gl man.

  6. Anonymous17 July

    You say you study other good players.
    If you had to list a few, who would they be? NL5 only.
    Learning from the best (in your limit) is always a good way to improve...

  7. There aren't really any really solid regs at NL5. However, Albaligia is someone that I have noticed lately. He is actually quite good. Timonga and R00Eu1 are both not bad as well.

  8. and u forgot to mention martell17 :)
    Dujon1 u r from slovakia right? we can speak a bit about nl5 and so on if u want. What i want to say is that i learn some tips and how to play at nl5 from Blackrain79 using HEM and analyzing his game, his stats etc. so thx Blackain for this and i wish u GL :) so in my opinion this can be also way how to improve ur skill and also reading forums, books etc as blackain mentioned.

  9. Anonymous18 July

    hey martel do you have icq ?


  10. Martell,

    Ha, I can't remember everyone. I don't think you play enough though. Really nice stats and results though. gl.

  11. I know that u cant remember everyone and i was just kidding :) Dujon1 i wrote my ICQ on ur ptr.


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