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Hands Played July - 57807



  1. Anonymous15 July

    Hey ever thought of heading up a micro limit club where we can all get together on one table and play and sahre bad beat stories etc. Just a thought you have some haters but you also have a positive following out there.See you at the tables as I usually do!

  2. No. I just play poker to make money. Not really in it to socialize. People can always contact me on this blog though, fans or haters.

  3. Anonymous16 July

    hello i see you going very good, not as me these few days :/

    i have question about table selection, i dont know what is better, big pots or big vpip? what do you prefer? and with what average vpip or pot you leave table and go to other one?

    gl dujon1

  4. Anonymous16 July

    Hey Dujon1 do you use a hud?I use pokeredge it has a table finder installed it picks the softer games for me you might want to give that a try

  5. Blackrain,

    Curious how you play pocket kings. Are you typically willing to get your money in there if someone 3-bets you or do you feel that's -EV in the long-run (expecting people to have aces)? Does it typically matter at the micros?

    Not sure if I've been playing them right, so I'm curious what your stance is on them.

    Also, any reason why you aren't playing 10NL?

  6. Dujon,

    I prefer a higher VPIP table than high avg pot cuz big pots could just be a few coolers whereas with higher vpip, its more likely there are people playing badly. However, I also use the colour coded note system a lot to label players and it weighs heavily into my table selection. Basically I just avoid tables with lots of nits/regs.


    Totally depends on the opponent. But at NL5 people aren't generally 3 betting light too much and certainly aren't 4 betting light. Also, effective stacks are sometimes much more than 100bb. So yes, there are definitely spots where you have to look at folding KK preflop. I wouldn't recommend it for 100bb or less though, unless the guy is an insane nit.

    I am very comfortable at NL5 and will probably take some shots at NL25 next week again, so no NL10 for now.

  7. Anonymous16 July

    It's really too bad I didn't have time to grind properly this month...
    With the Micromania promotion running until July 31st, the VPP rate is around 95% up !!

    I make 0.033 VPP/hand when it usually is around 0.017!
    If you manage to make something like 227k hands this month you will become Platinum!!! :D
    You've got to try it!! You've done it before!

  8. Anonymous16 July

    hey anonimous iam using realhud is pokeredge free?

    lol i didnt noticed i can change color of players :D thank a lot

    dujon 1

  9. Yes I have definitely noticed the increased VPP rate. It is nice. I did that math before as well, platinum is certainly possible at NL5 this month lol.

  10. Anonymous16 July

    i made 4800 vpp this month :D


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