Hands Played Today - 7044

Hands Played July - 71943


Pretty good week overall. Games were good today and should be great over the weekend. I plan to play a ton. I have been doing a lot of study lately which isn't something that I have done much of in quite some time. HEM has some fantastic filters that I was up way too late messing with last night lol. I am actually not much of a stats geek but my game has undoubtedly grown stagnant from excessive NL2 and NL5 play.

Playing NL25 a few weeks ago was a bit of a wakeup call because there were a couple regs doing some things that I haven't really seen before. I have been studying their games and trying out some of the new tricks on the NL5 regs. Well I have been straight up abusing them (see hand below). I was only robbing them before lol. I should be ready for another go at NL25 soon. Looking forward to that.

Villain was 15/10/2 with the typical NL5 reg 0% fold to 3bet and 50% fold to cbet. Ok, I will just keep firing then lol. FWIW, my bet sizing kinda sucks in this hand. Flop should have been a bit more and turn a bit less.

Poker Stars, $0.02/$0.05 NL Hold'em Cash Game, 8 Players
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MP1: $5.81
MP2: $5
CO: $8.88
BTN: $6
Hero (SB): $17.57
BB: $12.63
UTG: $5.73
UTG+1: $12.94

Pre-Flop: A Q dealt to Hero (SB)
3 folds, MP2 calls $0.05, CO raises to $0.20, BTN folds, Hero raises to $0.70, 2 folds, CO calls $0.50

Flop: ($1.50) 5 9 6 (2 Players)
Hero bets $0.80, CO calls $0.80

Turn: ($3.10) K (2 Players)
Hero bets $2.20, CO folds

Results: $3.10 Pot ($0.15 Rake)
Hero showed A Q and WON $2.95 (+$1.47 NET)


  1. hey rain, hows things? good to see ur feeling better about the game again, it pisses me off big alot too.

    I've never used poker programs to help me but if its going to be to my advantage i really am thinking of getting one. This hem program your talking about, what advantages does it have? Does it help u on decisions where someone re raises you pre flop and on the flop and things like that, i need all the help i can get!! If you could tell me about its advantages that would be awesome!!

    Cheers bud,


  2. 1 more thing, is this hem the only software that you use? if not could you tell me all the stuff you use and how i could get them i dont have anything lol, if it helps me add to my winrate that would be cool, im really sick of profitting slowly, somewhere down the line if the software helps me out ill lose a full buy in deliberately to you to repay you :D

    thanks mate

  3. Hi betidiots,

    ya ups and downs. Hope its good for you also. I use


    It tracks your own play and that of others in a database by compiling the raw hand histories. It gives you access to inummerable statistics. These stats can be displayed on the table as you play by using the HUD. I highly recommend getting this program or Pokertracker3 if you are at all serious about poker. You can try it for 15 days days for free.

  4. Other than that I just use a bunch of AHK scripts to make multitabling easier. You can find them here


    or at the software forum on 2+2

  5. Sup man,

    What did you learn from the 25NL regs to help you abuse 5NL regs (even more than usual) lol?

  6. thanks for the info, ill look into getting hem!

    i got no idea how to use the ahk scripts, this is all new to me. How do you get it so they work for pokerstars. Do you have any basic advice for them, and which ones do you use. Sorry to be a pain...


  7. and also, in your last post and in several posts you say stats like the villain was 15/10/2 with % fold to c/bet % fold to 3 bet and things like that....what does the 15/10/2 mean and how do i get these stats on players?


  8. 1 more question, for now...i downloaded the free trial of hem, and managed to get it going, but the thing is when im at the table the stats come up on the screen, but they are like scattered on the table not next to the actual person in the seat, plus they cover my whole cards in certain seats and players stacks, do you know how to change the settings so they allign next to the certain player and make the stats smaller so they dont cover the cards and stacks and important stuff...one time i thought i had AA but it was A4 lucky i timed out lol or i may have shoved haha, cheers for you help


  9. Anonymous17 July

    you moving stats by ctrl+right click on mouse and find somewhere hud options and just get font smaller, you can give to stats whatever want like showdown stats, fold bb to steal and many good things which make your game more profitable

  10. Anonymous17 July

    thats so nice how you stop playing poker for a while, then start and you are now first in poker winnings this month, very GJ and hope you get them the next shot in 25nl, gl


  11. ok, thanks for your help dujon, so do you guys right click and move every single persons stat bar is at every table before you start playing? and when a new player comes to the table how do u have time to stuff around shifting the stat bars when your playing so many tables, cos when a new player comes his meter is scattered always. Plus for some reason every ones stat meter is scattered again randomly for me....having said all that is there a way to fix it so it does it automatically and u dont need to stuff around with it?



  12. Anonymous17 July

    i think when you make first table, the other will be same as your first, so it have to be normal then

    have you set your prefered seat in hem? its important too, whatever i use realtime, its free and doesnt slowed my pc as hem was, but now i have repaired pc and maybe i will try it again


  13. Wing,

    Mostly just about 3betting. There is way way more of it at NL25.


    AHK scripts are kind of old school. Most people use tableninja these days which you can find at the same website as HEM. TN is more user friendly and probably better overall. It isn't free however. For AHK, download it first as it says on that link I posted. I use Starscash, Stars Assistant and Betpot. If they aren't on that website you will have to find them on 2+2, software forum.

    As for HEM, as Dujon1 explained, you right click drag them and then there is an option to lock them in HEM so they always come up in the same spot.

    When people say like 15/10/2 etc they are refering to the Pokertracker or HEM statistics of VPIP/PFR/AGG or voluntarily put $ in pot, preflop raise %, and total aggression.

  14. Oh ya, like Dujon said, make sure you choose your seating preferences in HEM for the HUD stats to show up properly. Hud options > 3rd one down.

  15. cheers rain, your a champ! i downloaded the trial and its awesome i can see how many hands the players are playing thats what i've found really helpful so far easier to put someone on a hand if u know how loose they are pre flop, ill try out the ahk stuff tomorrow im going bed just played for like 4 hours str8 crazy but good........when do you want you buy in? :D


  16. lol np. hope it all works out for u. gl


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