Hands Played Today - 10624

Hands Played July - 47681



  1. Anonymous15 July

    Hey BlackRain, glad to see you are heavily grinding again (10k+ hands /day). Keep it up, you've been inspiring to me!
    GL on the tables!

    PS: I see you have a PokerStars advertisement on the right side of the blog, do you get something by advertising here?

  2. No not really. I am an affiliate though. If someone were to sign up to Pokerstars through my link and earn some number of VPP, then Stars would give me 100 bucks or something. Truthfully, the ad has been up there for years, even when nobody read this blog. I haven't gotten anything. But since Stars is the only site that I play at, and they are easily the best out there, I don't mind advertising for free.

  3. It's $75 for the first few, only more if you get over a certain amount a month as an affiliate.

    Now that your blog is getting more popular, it will happen, you'll suddenly see an affiliate or two ... check your transfer history, might miss it ;P


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