Hands Played Today - 109

Hands Played June - 180301


I spent an hour or so today configuring HEM and the HUD. I must say that I am very impressed with the software. I have used PT2 and some crude free HUD (Realtime and before that Gametime+) for my entire poker career. While they served their purpose, it is definitely time for a change. I will be coughing up the 90 bucks for HEM once the trial runs out. I am also fully upgraded to Windows7 now. It also rules. No more Vista crap. I will be playing NL25 starting tomorrow. As promised, my redline. It is for June.


  1. Anonymous28 June


    what about hem hud, does it work good with you? i couldnt play more then 10 tables with hem

    gl in 10/25 cents


  2. Anonymous28 June

    Why is it that your going to 10/25 cents and skipping over 5/10 cents?


  3. Dujon1,

    Yes, it works just fine on 24 tables. I have a fast computer and a brand new install of Win7, so I don't expect any problems.


    I am not new to poker. I know that I can beat NL10. I have the bankroll for NL25. I can beat it too and make a lot more money there. So it is a pretty easy decision.

  4. Anonymous30 June

    Anyway you could share some tips on how to sustain a win rate like this at 5nl?

    thanks and gl at 25nl.


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