Hands Played Today - 10845

Hands Played June - 191146


Today was a complete disaster. First day at NL25. Thank you Pokerstars! Ran about as worse as I have all year. I was down 9 buyins at one point. I managed to get back to minus 4 buyins so I count that as a victory. I played pretty good today but in retrospect there are a few big pots where if I thought things through a bit more, a very difficult, but correct fold, was there. I really need to work on this as it totaled 2.5 buyins today that could have been saved if I was on my A+ game. I played a bit more aggressive today that normal. 14/12/4 with a 4% 3bet. I think it is fine.

But I should have just nitted it up more cuz I have hardly any info on the regs or even the fish. I lost a lot of money today in non showdown spots b/c I simply could not get people to fold anything. A good part of this is running bad though. They just had it every single time today.

There are a few pretty good regs at NL25. Real solid guys who are very aggressive. I shipped 88 preflop for value against one of them today. I'm not used to these kind of players as they are non existent at NL2 and NL5. Obviously NL25 plays much tighter but all and all, it is about what I expected. There are still lots of fish and most of the regs are way too nitty and passive like at NL5.

VPP rate is .084 on my 11k hand sample which is about what I expected. Unfortunately I will probably come up just short of Platinum this month. But stellars move really quickly now, and FPP pile up fast. Oh and the day I leave the nanostakes PokerStars implements a 10x VPP month lol. Whatever, I won't be playing down there hopefully ever again.


  1. Hey BR,

    Glad to hear that you level up to 25NL.


    I've also level up from 5NL...but only to 10NL.

  2. nice come back from the 9 buyins down, which was only like 4.5 buyins at the other levels considering u only bring 100bbs in, nice work! also u should play the 100-250bbs tables less ss shoves to deal, plus more money at the table means more info. And 1 question what are your end of year long shot goals as in what level would be reasonable in making it to by the end of the year? good luck!

  3. Anonymous29 June

    how many vpps/hand u make in nl25?

  4. Ninja,

    Good luck!


    I will mix in the deep NL25 tables eventually but not right now. My end of year goals are to be supernova and a reg at NL100.


    As I posted, roughly .08 per hand.

  5. Anonymous30 June

    [ ] Ran Bad
    [X] Outplayed

  6. Stuart,

    [X] Anonymous hater lol

    You are kinda right though. I didn't play that well now that I look at it again. Nobody does when down 9 buyins. I will try my best to do better today sir!

  7. Anonymous30 June

    Could you post the hand history where you shipped 88 for value? That's a pretty interesting spot imo...

  8. Salvinorum30 June

    Good job dude .. GL at nl 25 ... btw .. u can buy HH for HEM one the PTR website Nl 25 limits (and others) .. I believe it would help a bit ... GL & HF

  9. Anon,

    Not gonna look for it. Basically, I was in SB with 88, good winning reg with 7% 3bet opens BTN, I 3bet, he 4bets pretty quickly and I jam. We had been warring before that and I was tilty so it was pretty standard.


    Ok thanks, will look into it.

  10. lamphi30 June

    I can imagine all those players telling, "man, you are bad, look that..." and of course they are better then you...as I already read.

    I remember this man (Benyamin), hight stake level saying, ""I don't see jealous guy at my level, a lot below""

    I'm not a good player, have a lot to learn, but I'm not happy when I see a man working hard on something + with result.

    Hope your day will better today and in the future.


  11. Lamphi,

    Thanks for the support. I learned to stop reading the nasty comments awhile ago though, when PTR made me popular. People are gonna hate no matter what. Doesn't mean I have to read it. I let my results speak for themselves.

  12. Sorry to see you aren't getting the results you would like. Two days and 20,000ish hands isn't enough to mean much. Maybe 12-tabling till you get your bearings would yield a more favorable result. Playing fewer tables at 25NL definitely has an impact on how I play there, especially when I am starting a session. Good luck.


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