Hands Played Today - 7053

Hands Played June - 180192



  1. Anonymous27 June

    Hey BR
    just curious how your Non showdown winnings (red) line looks. ?
    mine is pretty attrocious unless I cut down on tables. (then I get a bit borred and start doing things like this LOL (am working on playing draws a bit more aggressive and my position etc.) do you think it is something I shoud be worried about?
    its deffinitly drawing my overall winnings down a lot. not sure if it's a big leak

  2. Anon,

    Somebody asked about this recently. I don't have HEM so I don't know. I am going to get it soon though and will post the redline results for you guys.

  3. imnotinsane27 June

    im pretty sure BR's red line must go down too, look at mine this month (5NL):


    you can expect to break even in higher stakes in non showdown but in the micros pleople will call with any crap the got so bluffing its a bad idea

  4. Anonymous27 June

    offtopic but, imnotinsane I have HEM but I don't know how to set my graphs just to show 1 particular month like you have it, it always shows up as a big graph from all my hands.


  5. imnotinsane28 June

    there is a menu over the graph. click on "All hands"

  6. A TAG at the micros will leave you with a negative redline. No way around that.

    Just focus on overall winnings imo.

  7. Anonymous28 June

    You planning play in Nl10 :P?


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