Hands Played Today - 7859

Hands Played June - 199005


Another horrible day. I just seem to lose every hand that I play. But once again, I thought I played ok. I will look it over tonight and see if anything is wrong. If I have one more terrible day there, I will have to drop down to regain some confidence.


  1. Yo man, I think what you havv done is incredible. At the same time, I htink you should not jump from 5nl to 25nl. Why not make the standard transition to 10nl instead?

    The players will be slightly better than 5nl players, but alot worse than 25nl players. It's the perfect step and makes the most sense.

    Grind 10nl for a couple months, win a decent clip and adjust accordingly

    Good luck!

  2. monkey_hobo30 June

    yeah josh makes a good point. I just discovered your blog and is pretty good. keep it up!

  3. Anonymous30 June

    I am wondering what your bankroll is for moving up to 25nl. I see that you have close to $9K in winnings. Is this the complete bankroll?

    Good Luck! You're an inspiration to me to keep going.

  4. Hey BR,

    Come on. You can do this. I guess your approach is better. Just play some more sessions at 25NL...you have the proper bankroll I guess. My advice would be to play less tables...maybe 16,12...just for now, until you adjust your game and gain confidence.

    If your bad run continues you will have to make a step back and regain your strength.

    Go,go, go!

  5. Josh,

    Thanks for the advice. And if I was new to poker then that would make sense. I am not though and can easily beat NL25 and higher, despite recent results.


    I cashout a lot and my bankroll is nowhere near 9k.


    Thanks. Will try the less tables thing today.

  6. Anonymous30 June

    i don't think you should go down to 5nl again,you can beat 25nl you just need time to adjust to new level,less tables should work. Good luck


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