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I am done for the month. I have zero confidence in my ability to win a hand on Pokerstars right now. And I am beginning to start playing badly. I haven't had a downswing this intense in quite awhile. It wouldn't be that big a deal if I hadn't just moved up. I will drop back down to NL5 starting tomorrow. I only accomplished one of my three goals this month which was moving up to NL25. It went as badly as possible. I am not sure why I continue with this game sometimes.

+A few hundred in stellars/fpp value. Whatever. FML.


  1. Anonymous01 July

    I feel your pain I've dropped 22 BI's between 5NL and 2NL. I've been winning at both stakes for about 70k hands. I'm hoping it's just variance and not planning on giving up. I realized with out variance fish wouldn't keep thinking that their winning and they wouldn't be feeding us their money.

    Best of luck,

  2. Anonymous01 July

    Don't give up! Work through it!

    Go to .10nl (.05nl is not necessary).

    Just my thoughts. Wishing you the best Bud!

  3. Anonymous01 July

    [ ] Running Bad
    [X] In Denial
    [X] Getting Outplayed

  4. Thanks guys, will figure something out. Gl to you as well.


    If you have something constructive to say like why I am in denial or how I am getting outplayed then go ahead. This isn't 2+2 and your checkmark comments aren't welcome here. Don't do it again.

  5. Anonymous01 July

    I know the feeling had a 14 buyin downswing right after i started playing 10 nl fckd up my ptr graph i couldnt win a flip that 3 day period.
    U moving down again and refocus for the next try at 25 nl.
    Gl man things will be better for u yr still the man!

    All the best "stckbrker"

  6. Anonymous01 July

    i trusted you will pwn them, dont stop and keep trying you are good player and i think you can grind there too!


  7. Dont move back to NL5, go for NL10 right now. Dont give up! If others can beat NL25 why cant you? Regards

  8. Anonymous01 July

    I am G3nio(nick Stars)

    Hi sir !good job in nanolimits
    You is are a very solid player. Your numbers show this

    Let´s go my friend , move down no problem...
    LAST month i move up from nl2 for nl25 and lost $800 in 100khands , running bad:(
    Return for nl5 and play 20, 30khands and move for NL10

    And remember...
    " Play for money not for pride. "
    GL at tables

  9. Grind back a little for a week at 5 (or 10...really, I don't see how they're different at this point). Then try again.

    I haven't spent a lot of time at 25NL (on account of my bankroll not being able to afford the level), but it would be best to start with a small number of tables (6-12), and go from there. It is a lot different, and you're going to have to change your play-style, and play on your opponent's tenancies more than just sticking to a system of playing.

    Best of luck once you return.

  10. Blackrain, you are running bad and "stuart" said something kinda rude, but the regs @ 25NL are going to give you trouble. I plan on moving to 25NL VERY soon, I watch the level and red the hand histories on 2+2, because the buy in is $25 a reg needs to be better to stay there and the play is more intense, people can figure your style out and won't pay you every time you limp/call with 4-4 and the board comes A-4-7, even when they have AK the regs wont stack against you, they will see your VPIP of 8% or under and say he has set and they will switch to pot control and check/call/fold if you go pot/pot/pot

  11. Also, I wish you much luck, your a very good player and have inspired me much, just saying you might have to tweak some things in your game and adjust to certain players @ 25nl.

  12. Anonymous01 July

    Hang tough m8.
    Brighter days ahead.


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