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  1. lamphi20 May

    Hi man,

    Be full stack 100bb is a classic, ...

    I'm most of the time 150bb-200bb. In fact, be at 250bb (max at table) for me show a strong player and of course if you win allin against an other 250bb that can make an happy day.

    I have no stat about that but do you think you can win more when you have max bb at the table?


  2. Yes, as long as other people are buying in deep, you can win more. I've always looked at it this way: If you think that you are one of the best players at the table why wouldn't you want to have the most possible money in front of you?

  3. lamphi21 May

    Yes, you have better stat then me with a lot more hands.

    I was not sure with mines.

    Well it's always good to have advice from good winer player.

    Will follow that until I feel confortable.

    thanks man


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