Hands Played Today - 9361

Hands Played May - 157031



  1. Hello BR.

    I grind with you daily; we moved from NL2 to NL5 at about the same time.

    I respect your play, and do envy the volume you put in. Going over 12-15 tables with PT3 and TN causes instant lockouts on my old hardware.

    Good luck at the tables sir.

  2. Hi Adam,

    What is your SN? I used to have a crappy system as well and played without a HUD for the longest time because of it. GL to you as well.

  3. My SN is GlutesMaxi.

    We seem to play a very similar style, although I may be more aggro in LP and do 3bet a bit more than you which gets me in trouble at times.

    I've taken to using NL5 as an opportunity for me to learn to exploit regs as much as possible so I'm better suited for moving up in limits, which explains the higher 3bet %, although this does seem to effect my overall winrate for the time being.

  4. Oh ic. Your play is pretty good/solid from what I recall. The amount of light 3betting at NL5 these days is pretty lol. I can't say I don't partake in it from time to time. But I am not convinced of its usefulness quite yet. Mostly b/c there are still a lot of donks and even calling station regs who never seem to give me credit for anything.


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