Hands Played Today - 7015

Hands Played May - 192537



  1. Anonymous25 May

    Anonymous said...

    Hi. i just found your blog here.
    I quote my entry on PTR because i req. u didnt read there anymore.


    First, i look up PTR every day but NEVER commented to anyone !!!
    I read ur anwsers here and totally agree with you + big respect to your performance (grinding skills + winrate)

    BUT - U seem to be a smart guy and your aim in poker is to make moneys (who not :-) ), isnt it?
    U have to ask yourself what u want, crushing the ultra micros with a sick WR and do some $$ OR do some maths and boost your HOURLY
    I dont know u and its all up to you, but if u play poker for a living u def. should move up - u dont need to play NL100+ even at NL25/50 u do more $$$/month just by grinding as u already do. Maybe your sick WR is good for your ego but not good for your hourly . 1,25 Mio. Hands and just 600 $ RB makes me cry!!
    I cant imagine that u really dont want to enjoy the benefits from the good VIP-System on Stars....

    im still a bit shocked but gl

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I will be moving up soon. NL25 next month.

  3. OMGClayAiken25 May

    Sorry, here is Frosty's link.


    He has been contacted regarding TEAM ONLINE.

    Good Luck

  4. lamphi25 May

    A lot more tables at NL25, need to look on that...waiting how you feel and comments at this limit ;)


  5. OMG,

    Nice blog he has. Like him, I am not much of a self promoter. I just play poker. Thanks for the heads up though.


    Sorry about your Habs =/

  6. OMGClayAiken26 May

    The majority of people aren't into self promotion. Team ONLINE is an extra $100K.

    Maybe a fan of your can help with ideas, video or etc.

    Shame not to see you as a TEAM ONLINE member. Good Luck


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