Hands Played Today - 10164

Hands Played May - 185522



  1. OMGClayAiken25 May

    Have you been notified by POKERSTARS about TEAM ONLINE? Frosty recieved an email.

    Check his blog out, he posted what the rep said and what he should do..

    Maybe you can do the same, really would like to see you as a micro-grinder pro instead of Chipstar1

  2. Anonymous25 May


    I am assuming you are playing 7-10 hours a day (avg.) posting 7BB/100 @ 5NL.

    Do you think if you played 14-15hrs a day you could maintain same win-rate? Or would it fall dramatically the more hours?

  3. OMG,

    No I have not been notified by Stars. I don't know who Frosty is. Link to his blog? If Stars are accepting applications I will certainly apply. Thanks for the support.


    I don't normally play more than 10k hands in a day. PT tells me that it takes me 7.5 hours to play that many hands. So I probably average around 6 hours a day. I rarely play more than 4k hands in one session and take 1-2 hours off in between. If I were to play 14-15 hours in a day I am sure my play would start deteriorating significantly at some point.

  4. Hey how are you?
    What you think is the biggest difference between 2nl and 5nl???

    congratz for sucess

  5. Julio,

    I'm great, thanks. The biggest difference between NL2 and NL5 is the regs. There are a lot more of them at NL5 and a couple of them are reasonably good. Still tons of fish though, and they play the same regardless of the stakes.


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