Hands Played Today - 10214

Hands Played May - 175358


There is a god after all. My first legit heater in quite awhile spanning all of yesterday and today which is 18k hands. Today was one of my best days ever at NL5.


  1. lamphi23 May

    I see that, gg man.

    Yesterday, I beat quad 8 vs quad Q. Firt time ever.


  2. Nice. I have never lost with quads. But I have beaten someone who had quads. My royal flush > their 8888 lol

  3. TommyHo24 May

    Congrats on being #1 this month in earning@ 5NL. Looking forward to watching you move up to $25NL.. When do you see that coming?

  4. Tommy,

    Thanks. I will start playing NL25 sometime next month.

  5. Congrats for your daily earnings. Im currently playing NL5 at Stars too. My sessions are just ups and downs and my daily earnings are from 2 to 6 $ a day and its kinda boring lol but im trying to improve
    my game style. Im playing poker since December 09 and i want to know what stats do you use in your HUD?
    Regards and keep grinding ;)

  6. Paulo,

    Thanks. I don't like a cluttered screen so I only use a few basic stats on my HUD. They are: VPIP, PFR, Fold to Cbet, # of Hands, and Total aggression factor. If I want to know something like 3bet% I just manually look it up.

  7. lamphi25 May

    It's a surprise for me you use the HUD at those limit.

    I use it before, but don't see any (few) difference with or without during session.

    In fact, i'm just looking the stack level (full or not) and sometime the pokerstars hands hystory (loose/agro).



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