Another losing day BUT!!

Wasn't much of a losing day. 4600 hands, lost a little less than a buyin. The "but" is b/c I think I found something tonight. I tried out a new style at the upper limits of TAG. 17/14/5. My W$wsf went way up even though I ran horrid. My ATS was also extremely high at 43.

I'm not sure if I will continue with these almost LAG stats (at least not to this degree) but I really felt like I was crushing the game tonight, it was just the cards again, I couldn't do anything about. Horrid coolers like losing with KK on K99xx to quads, losing every flip, 2 outer'd to death, and hitting no sets and I was only down not even a single buyin. Normally I would be down several.

Got the weekend freerolls. Maybe I will get lucky for a change. And hopefully things start to turn at the tables. What was a decent month is now kinda getting stale. I'm still up a whole lot of course. It still is NL25 after all.

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