Discouraging day

I did what I said I was going to do. I didn't look at my cashier all day. I felt too tired to put in the 3rd session, so I played 7100 hands. I felt that I wasn't running good through most of the day but honestly didn't know even ballpark where I was at. Well, I was down 4 buyins.

I went through the sessions. I played decent but not great. KK vs AA is very lopsided (not in my favor) this month and that is hurting me quite a bit. And laying it down preflop with only limited info on most regs still for 100bb's just isn't something I can do. It would be nice if it could even out at some point though. I know they aren't folding KK to me.

Besides that, today it was just mostly about not making many hands (literally hit no sets according to setometer), getting coolered and taking a bunch of bad beats. All the usual fun stuff.

So far at NL25 I have had 5 winning days and 2 losing ones. While I think this ratio may be closer to 5 to 1 long term, my winrate is much smaller at NL25 than NL5 and I have to learn to accept having losing days more often.

I don't know if the not looking at the cashier thing for the whole day will actually work. I'm gonna give up on it for now.

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