Why I don't play tournaments...

This morning I got up just in time for the 20k VIP freeroll on Stars. I run pretty hot and have a bunch of stuff hold and I'm top ten in the thing for hours. I'm thinking maybe this is the time. I could really use the 3k first place or making the Final Table even.

Once it gets down to 500 or so left I go completely card dead and can't do anything anyways because no one is more than 40bb's deep and most have 10 or less. I proceed to lose every pot I play to finish 64th for $30 after 3 fucking hours chained to a single table. If I don't get up earlier next Saturday I'm not gonna bother playing these lottery things.

I'm sure one day I will be the lucky idiot who gets AA at the right time and wins all the coinflips at the end but its gonna take every star aligned right and its a waste of time to spend any focus on.

Didn't play any cash today. Will be back with that tomorrow.

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