Put in work son

So I played a fair bit today ~6900 hands and things went considerably better. The players I play against are so astronomically bad at poker. Which is of course a good thing for me. This is in fact how I picture them in my head

They don't fold ANYTHING, so I figure im cbetting about 30% of the time or so lol.

That is, I cbet when I have something. That is it. Most of the time I don't even get a chance to cbet cuz I get donked into 75% of the time it seems lol. Anyways, pure best hand poker is the only way to beat the uber micro stakes, I am convinced.

I'm playing a style I like to call "mousey." That is 15/8/2. I literally just nuthunt and fastplay the hell out of 2 pair+. That is all.

And by fastplay I mean even go out and just bet twice the pot or more. River overbet shoves with the nuts etc. They will call. Of course, they will call. Their bluffs on the river are absolutely retarded in size and make no logical sense.

I do a ton of river bluff catching after pot controlling certain spots on the turn. When they bet something thats actually close to the size of the pot, fold fold fold. Its always a big hand (excluding the maniacs).

Anyways, heres the graph for the month so far (I didn't play the first 5 days of this month). As I said yesterday, that dip at the end (which you can see a lot more clearly here) represents the most variance I have ever encountered at NL5 through 1/2 million hands.

My return to serious grinding in November has so far been wrought with a pretty horrific run. But its all good. My winrate 7.25 ptbb/100 is starting to get close to my alltime which is 9.

I am going to hit silverstar on Stars soon and buy up a bunch of $50 dollar bonuses. I have 16k FPP's hoarded up. I didn't want to do the bonuses before b/c its a lesser value than the ones at higher VIP tiers, but fuck it. I need out of NL5 asap.

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