Long Day

Almost 12k hands. Didn't run particularly well but it wasn't terrible either. I think I just realized partway through the day that none of the shit that happens each day even matters. Its just cards and I'm always gonna be at the mercy of them in the short term. Tilt is just fucking stupid. There is no point in feeling like the world is out to get you. That you will never make a hand. That you will never have a hand hold. The truth is that these things will happen.

I see these guys on Stars who just grind all day every day at higher limits. Many of them are pretty bad at poker and are strictly rakeback pros. With their tiny winrates, the variance must be insane. There must be a point at which you just stop worrying about it. I think it happens when you play 10k hands every day. There is always going to be those disaster sessions from time to time. No one is totally prone from tilt, but the day to day stuff just really shouldnt matter at all.

From a strat perspective, I realized today that I gotta pound on them more in position. Just because they call with any pair/any draw doesn't mean I shouldn't bet. At least 1/3 of the time I take it down when they literally have nothing and the other times I can catch up or just show down a winning Ace/King high hand. I think OOP is still a different story and I need to continue checking everything but decent to strong pairs and big draws to them.

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