Well I guess I'll start posting here again. Sorry for the random AWOL for those that read this. I've done it before, hopefully I won't do it again. During the past 2 months, overall I haven't played near as much as I was before. But I have been playing a fair bit so far this month.

I don't currently have any explicit goals like before except to finally get the hell out of the micros. Not playing consistently is why I am still there. Which has been the main theme of this blog since the beginning. It makes me sick to be playing NL5 when I can beat so much higher, but I don't have the bankroll to do so b/c of cashouts and lack of play.

For hilarity's sake, this is my graph at NL5 this year. I don't know how to make it bigger, click on it for larger size.

That tiny downward turn at the end (which is yesterday's night session and both of today's sessions) is actually the biggest downswing I have ever faced at NL5 over 1/2 million hands. It represents 8 buyins. For both sessions today I had to insta close all tables to avoid full blown tilt. I can't remember when I last had to do that, and 2 in one day is just lol.

So its pure ridiculousness lately. I'm just waiting for it to stop so I can get back to some serious grinding again. I can handle all the day to day regular beats and coolers but this stuff lately is way out of the norm and does prevent me from playing as much as I want.

Anyways, to sum it all up. Fuck you poker. I will win. In the end. Well, I already have won a lot over the years. But I will win way way more and conquer the world and stuff.

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